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Trading Signals

Trading Signals for Binary Options


In recent years, binary options have become one of the most popular financial instruments around the world along with Forex. This is due to its many advantages, including ease of use compared to other instruments, even for novice traders, the high returns offered and the ability to access a variety of markets, among which we can mention stocks, commodities, stock indices and currency pairs.

However, as with any other financial instrument, the benefit that can be obtained with binary options depends largely on the ability of the trader to predict market direction. Not only that, since the options are instruments with a limited duration, the trader must also have the ability to determine the time frames more or less accurate in which these market movements will ocurr. For a trader is useless to predict that the price of IBM will go up if their Call binary options expire before this upward movement occurs.

Therefore, binary options trading also require knowledge and experience on the market. A novice trader who lacks knowledge about the market and trading in general may suffer heavy losses if not careful. Does this mean that binary options are reserved only for professional traders?Not at all! The simplicity of binary options makes them an excellent tool for inexperienced traders, and may be the prelude to more complex instruments. But it takes time to analyze the market and find good opportunities, not everyone has the time and knowledge to do this 

Also, more and more brokers, companies and websites offer trading signals services, specifically created for traders interested in binary options. They are generally quite similar to the services of Forex signals, which have been around for years, particularly since the Forex market began to popularize. Although the offer of trading signals for binary options trading is not that big compared to the Forex, every day expands more. Not only that, the way these services operate varies. For example, in some cases the service is paid and other is free. The binary options brokers that offer this service usually do not charge, but they require a minimum deposit from their customers.

How binary options trading signals work?

The main ways in which binary options trading signals services work are:

  • Some binary options brokers offer trading signals to customers who have a real trading account and deposit funds. These signals can be accessed through the website of the broker or are sent to the client email and/or mobile phone by sms messages. In some cases, these trading signals include complete market analysis recommending options trades based on different underlying assets, indicating the direction of the trade (Call or Put option), the underlying asset and expiration period. They can be accompanied by technical analysis. Some of these brokers have their platforms integrated with trading signals platforms.
  • Companies and websites that offer daily trading signals for a monthly fee. Basically their services consist in sending signals to the client on possible binary options trades, in which is indicated the direction of the trade, the underlying asset and the maturity period. The signals are sent to email, mobile phone or can be accessed on the website of the company offering the service. In some cases, these companies allow the client to register and use the service at no cost for a trial period of 7-30 days. 

Options of trading signals services for binary options

The following is a list of the main sites that provide binary options trading signals services. We  included a review for each of these options. In some cases, they are specialized sites dedicated to the service of sending signals in exchange for a payment that may be for a defined period of time (weeks, months or 1 year), per trading signal or number of markets (underlying assets) in which the trader is interested. There are binary options brokers whici also provide trading signals to their customers.

Trading signals service

Main features

Complete review

Fairsignals of Optionfair

-It's a service created by the binary options broker OptionFair

-This is an alert system for customers of OptionFair. 

-Their signals indicates the underlying asset, trade direction (Call or Put option) and time frame of the trade. 

-On average the system send 16 trading signals each day of about 25 underlying assets. 

-No additional cost to the client of this broker.


Trading signals service of 24Option

-It's a service created by the binary options broker 24Option

-This is an alert system for customers of 24Option created in conjunction with the company Fauna Analytics. 

-The trading signals indicate the underlying asset, trade direction and time frame of the trade.

-It offers signals to trade with options in time frames of 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour. 

-The trading signals are integrated to the trading platform of 24Option via a widget. 

-No additional cost to the client of this broker.


Trading signals service of EmpireOption

-It is a service created by the broker EmpireOption for customers who have a Plus account or higher. The Plus account requires a $1000 deposit. 

-The service offers detailed real-time analysis. Analyses are provided by Trading Central. 

-This service provides a number of recommendations regarding what type of position and with that trend, the trader can make a new operation that has high chances of finishing In The Money.



Binary Options Signals

It is a website that offers a free and paid trading signals service, which provides signals for a variety of markets.


Trading signals of BetOption For all its trading accounts the broker BetOption offers a trading signals service. These signals are based on support and resistance. The signals are sent when the price of an underlying asset reaches an important support/resistance. Review

Trading signals service of Mayfair Options

The broker Mayfair Options provides free trading signals for customers who open a Silver account and deposit at least $1500. 

-The signals are sent via SMS and email.


Trading Signals services of Boss Capital

-The broker Boss Capital provides a free trading signals service to customers who open a Platinum or higher account and deposit at least $10,000. 

-The signals are sent via SMS and email.







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