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List of the most recommended trading books

In this section we include all sorts of books about financial markets and trading in general. These books were written by expert traders with years of experience in the markets, so are books in which these experts embody an invaluable knowledge.

As you know anyone with experience in the trading, this is not a simple activity, in fact most novice traders end up failing and losing money in the process. This is because they do not prepare properly. Trading as any activity in life requires study and preparation, without which the investor is doomed to failure. Therefore it is necessary to learn from the experience of professional traders, so these books are very helpful.

These books in most cases are sold through Amazon and similar sites for which there is no violation on the copyright. Topics covered in these books are:

  • Trading Books for Beginners Traders: These are books for traders with little experience in the market.
  • Trading Books about the financial markets in general: Books with complete information about the financial markets and their operation.
  • Money and Risk Management books: The money management is the most important part of the trading but only few traders use it. These books gives a complete explanation about how to implement money management.
  • Books On Trading Psychology: These books will help the trader to develop an adequate psychology to operate in the market. Without a good trading psychology, it is impossible to become a successful investor.
  • Trading strategies books: These books contains  all kinds of trading techniques to operate in financial markets and with different instruments. These are books written by experts who developed trading strategies that have applied for years.
  • Books for advanced traders:  If you are a trader with years of experience in the market, these books will help you to improve your knowledge of the market and to improve the strategies that you applied to trade.

 These book`s collection will be steadily increased over time. If  you have any questions regarding any of the books you see on this site, please contact us and we will help.

Also, in this site there is a collection of free trading ebooks which deal with all sorts of topics as listed above. These books are free to download and contain very interesting issues about Forex and trading in general. To see these books refer to the following link:

Free trading ebooks

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