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Alpari trading contests

The Forex brokerAlpari, one of the largest companies and consolidated in the sector, trading regularly organizes competitions with cash prizes in which anyone interested can participate in the Forex and financial markets in general.

In total there are 5 contests, of which 2 are completely free and participants do not have to operate with their own money but with virtual money. Still, in these cases the prizes if they consist of real money.

A brief description of the five competitions:

Formula FX

Requires an initial deposit of 30 USD or 20 euros. Is the shorter duration contest of Alpari and offers a prize of $1600 for the winners of each week. It has a very simple classification system and uses a single parameter to determine the winner: Percentage Yield. It has an annual fund awards $38,400 and pays prizes to the top 10.


This is the most important contest of Alpari which allocates an annual fund of 200000 USD. Exact lasts 11 weeks for each round and rewards the top 25 which increases the opportunities for profit. In each round, a total of 31500 USD and at the end of the year, the 3 winners get an account with Alpari PAMM of 85000 USD.

Investor’s Compass

It is a contest of 0 risk in which the participant invests 100000 USD virtual real PAMM account with the money managers (account managers) operating with Alpari. Simply select the most effective manager, you receive the maximum benefit in the virtual account and get real prizes. This contest runs for 4 weeks and are rewarded the first 5 places. For each round the total prize is 2600 USD.

Full Throttle

To participate in this contest requires an initial deposit of $ 100 or 70 euros. Each round has a total of 2 weeks and rewards the top 10. Has a fund of 4650 USD per round. In this contest the winners are determined by a single indicator: the total volume of trading. In this case the results of operations do not affect the outcome of the contest. The winners are those traders and operators to conduct as many operations with the highest possible volume.

Virtual Reality

It is the second most important contest of Alpari. Because it requires no minimum investment and can operate using virtual funds (100,000 or 100 000 euros), is a completely risk-free contest. Each round lasts 11 weeks, a period after which awards the top 15. The fund’s annual contest designed for Alpari is 35260 USD.

If you are interested in any of the contests Alpari trading, you can get more information or to register via the following link or banner:

-Alpari trading contests




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