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TradeFinancial Partners Affiliate Program


TradeFinancial Partners is an affiliate program created by the binary options broker Optionfair (a broker regulated by CySEC and one of the leading binary options brokers in the industry) in order to promote its services as a broker and get new customers who open an account, deposit funds and trade in the market. For this purpose, this program uses associates which have at their disposal all types of advertising tools (such as banners) based on the Internet that TradeFinancial Partners has created for this purpose. Thanks to the commission plans that it offers and the promotional resources, this program is a very good option to monetize websites and blogs with topics directly related to binary options and the market in general.

Commisions plans offered by the affiliate program of Optionfair

Currently, TradeFinancial Partners offers the following commission plans:

  • CPA: A commission system whereby the affiliate gets a single fixed payment for each referred trader that opens a trading account and deposit funds. In this case it is a dynamic CPA, which depending on the initial capital deposited by the customer, pays a maximum amount of $350 per customer.
  • Revenue Share: It is the more profitable commissions system offered by this program because it gives the member the opportunity to get a percentage of the profits made by Optionfair with the trades performed by the referred customers. In other words, the program reward the affiliate for the trading activity of each trader referred. This commision is payable for life while the trader is maintained as a customer of the company trading regularly in the binary options market.

Registration in the affiliate program Tradefinancial Partners

In this case, the affiliation to Tradefinancial Partners is completely free like the use of all promotional tools that it offers. Likewise, it is not a requirement that the member open a trading account with the broker Optionfair to be accepted,   which does occur in other similar programs in which commissions are credited directly to the affiliate´s account

Advertising tools of the affiliate program

With regard to the promotional resources of this program, Tradefinancial Partners offers a variety of resources of this type, which can be used by the affiliates according to their needs and best judgment. However, it is important that the member understands that the use of these tools must not violate any of the rules of the program, especially those relating to spam advertising  for example.

The following are the most important marketing resources of Tradefinancial Partners:

  • GIF and Flash banners which come in various sizes and are translated into several languages, including English, Chinese and Spanish. These banners can be used in any section of a website or blog.  For this reason these banners are a quite effective resource to promote the broker Optionfair.
  • Simple links and text links that serve to redirect traffic from the affiliate´s website to the broker's website, especially the homepage that describes the services Optionfair provides to its customers. These links can be placed in any area of a website.
  • Landing pages where various services offered by this broker are described.
  • A variety of HTML mailers that allow the affiliate to promote Optionfair among their email contacts .

Note: The resources provided by this program can not be used in practices involving spam type advertising (invasive and unsolicited advertising  ). This practice is totally prohibited by this affiliate program and may result in account suspension and the loss of all commissions earned.

Subaffiliate program

Among its attractive features, Tradefinancial Partners offers its members the possibility of obtaining additional revenue through the promotion of the program itself to other entrepreneurs who have the interest to earn money promoting the services of a regulated binary options broker such as Optionfair. Thus, through its sub affiliate program, TradeFinancial Partners offers the possibility to generate an additional income of 10% of the profits produced monthly by the referred affiliates.

In summary, this affiliate program offers the following possibilities:

  • Make money promoting the services of the broker Optionfair.
  • Make money promoting the same affiliate program TradeFinancial Partners.

Summary of the main features of the affiliate program of Optionfair

Below are the main characteristics of this affiliate program:


TradeFinancial Partners

Year of stablishment


Promoted Broker

  • OptionFair

User Panel to control the account


Updated and comprensive reporting of statistics (traffic, referred accounts, money earned, etc)


Payment plans

-CPA:It pays a dinamic CPA up to $350 for each new client that opens and account and deposit funds.  The amount of this fee depends on the initial capital deposited by the customer. 

-Revenue Share: It offers a revenue share which amount depends on the performance of the affiliate referring new customers. It also depends on the transaction volume of the referred traders.

-Hibrid: Not at the moment.

Subaffiliate program

Tradefinancial Partners has a sub-affiliate program which offers 10% of the profits made by the referred members by promoting the services of the broker OptionFair.

Payment methods

  • Bank Wire Transfer.
  • Paypal.
  • Skrill.

Minimum Payment



The platform and website of this program is in English only, but it offers promotional material in other languages like English, Spanish and French

Aditional comments

OptionFair is a consolidated created binary options broker which provides many services and regular offers to its customers which facilitates its promotion. Because it is a regulated broker and is a brand owned by a major company in the binary options sector, its affiliate program provides a major opportunity to earn money an monetize blogs and websites.


Link to join the affiliate program of Optionfair


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Tradefinancial Partners Affiliate Program



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