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Trading Psychology and Trading Patterns – when the usdjpy broke the 100 level

USD/JPY chart that shows the breakout of 100.00 level

This article was written by John, a FX junkie who in his spare time runs the website where you can find in-depth reviews of retail Forex brokers.

Charting the currency markets implies looking for repetitive shapes that happened in the past and by the time current price is making a shape like that traders have an educated guess about the possible outcome. This is what a pattern.

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The Psychology Of The Trader I

Feeling daily emotional outbursts of joy, anger, frustration, anxiety and hope is inherent in trading. The path to becoming a professional trader involves mastering and understanding these psychological factors. With this series of articles we will try to detect these factors, so that the reader is able to recognize in order to solve them.

At the end the goals of these articles are:

Understanding what happens in our brains when we trade.


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Books About Trading Psychology

List of trading psychology books

The following is a list of recommended Trading Psychology books that can be used to improve our trading skills to trade in every financial market like Forex for example. These interesting books were written for experienced and successful traders with years of experience in the market, whom have learned to control all negative psychological aspects that prevent success in trading.As every successful trader knows, the main enemy of any market investor is none

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