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Trading systems based on models

Example of Vegas trading system

As we said in our previous article, we can classify trading systems into two groups: those based on models and those based on exploitation or data mining.

In this article we will discuss in detail the systems of the first type, defined as those who propose a model to represent the behavior of the market and from it, try to get benefits.

The algorithms that are part of this group are usually very simple in terms of the rules they use, although its development is usually relatively complex depending

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A New Way to See Trading Systems

Example of Vegas trading system

Although you probably have already noticed it, the trading systems are evolving and becoming increasingly technical. As you can imagine, some professional traders recommend to make a qualitative leap and try to convince once and for all that the use of trend lines, price chart patterns and obsolete oscillators in the same way that comes in thousands of books it is not exactly the best approach to winning in trading. I know this is a very broad and intense debate and that many people are not quite agree, but I plan to present new ways of seeing trading that

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Profitable Tips for Forex Trading

Trading on the Forex can be more complex than it appears to be, and it may take novice traders some time before they have the ability to earn a decent profit from their investments. However, you can avoid most of the mistakes made by beginners simply by educating yourself on how the forex market works and how to choose currency pairs wisely. Following are several tips for novices and intermediate traders, and a few of them may even

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The gambler’s fallacy in trading

Regarding the issue of probability, a lack of understanding can lead to incorrect assumptions and predictions about the occurrence of certain events. One of these incorrect assumptions is known as the Gambler´s fallacy.


In the gambler's fallacy, an individual mistakenly believe that the occurrence of a certain random event is less likely to occur after an event or series of events. This line of thinking is incorrect

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