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Forex Broker Tradeo

Review of the broker Tradeo

Tradeo-Forex Broker Review

Tradeo is a regulated Forex broker and social network for traders created in 2012 that allows to trade with a lot of instruments, including Forex, precious metals and Contracts For Difference on indices. Also, it offers other services for its clients including a complete copytrading service which is fully integrated with their trading platforms and accounts. Tradeo integrates its services as a broker with its social network for traders.

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Social Trading applied to binary options

Social trading platform for binary options

One of the most important developments in the field of financial markets in recent years is the social trading in its various forms, not only because it allows traders of all types and levels of experience contact and share ideas, strategies and experiences but also because it has become a means to access the markets for beginners traders with little experience and knowledge on the subject. For example, the copy trading has become a tool used by

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FXReplitrader social trading platform of Forex-Metal

FXReplitrader is a unique automated trading system that was developed by the broker Forex-Metal. This platform enables customers of this company trade with professional and experienced traders from all over the world. It is based on the concept of social and copy trading, and offers beginners and inexperienced traders in financial markets the ability to trade in the Forex market by copying transactions made by traders with

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Social Trading Platform FxPro SuperTrader

Social Trading Platform FxPro SuperTrader

FxPro, a broker regulated by CySEC and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has developed a new social trading platform called Supertrader which enables to follow and copy the trades performed in the market by other traders who trade with this company. This application is ideal for beginners, intermediate and even professional traders who are interested in increasing their investment options in the financial markets.

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What is The Copy Trading?

Copytrading in the Forex market

The copy trading is a form of auto trading that allows traders in financial markets to follow and copy automatically the positions opened and managed by selected investors, usually through a network of social trading.

Unlike the mirror trading, a method that offers the trader the ability to copy specific trading strategies, the copy trading links a portion of the funds from the trader that follow and copy the positions with the

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Social Trading Network of BelforFx

The broker BelforFX, which is specialized in Forex and Contracts For Difference, has a specialized social trading service to all customers, which allows the trader to follow and copy in real time the transactions made by other traders who trade regularly with this company, including the most profitable that have successful trading strategies.

The idea behind the system is quite simple. Instead of an investor spends his time

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BelforFX Broker

Review of the Forex broker BelforFX

BelforFX-Forex Broker Review

BelforFX is a broker specializing in Forex and Contracts For Difference which began its operations in 2010 and has offices in various countries around the world, including the UK, New Zealand, Germany and Switzerland. This company has services of various types for both beginners and traders with more experience and capital to invest in the financial markets. Among its services highlights a social trading platform which we will detail later.

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eToro Social Investment Network

Broker eToro

Type of Company: eToro is a social trading network with its own trading platform.

Country of origin: Cyprus with presence in other countries.

Regulation: Etoro is regulated by CySEC of Cyprus (License Number 109/10) a financial regulatory agency that works according to the rules of MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) in Europe. It also has a licence of the FCA (Financial Conduct Autorithy), the primary regulator of financial services in

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