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IB program of the broker FBS

IB Program of the broker FBS

The IB Program is an affiliate program implemented by the  Forex  broker FBS in order to promote its services as a broker and acquire new customers (traders) who open an account and deposit funds. To this end, The IB Program of FBS employs affiliates who have multiple marketing tools based mainly on the Internet (such as banners and text links) that this program has created and provides at no cost. Thanks to the commission plans it offers and the promotional resources,

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Contest of the Broker FBS for Partners

Review of the broker FBS

The Forex broker FBS has organized a contest for its partners which offers exciting prizes to members who refer more customers who open a trading account and deposit funds. The competition began on March 1, 2013 and end on April 12, 2013.   In this case, each participant partner during the contest period receives points for each deposit and traded lot in the market by the referred traders. The three partners who accumulate the most points at the time of the end of

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New Trading Contest of the Broker FBS

The Forex broker FBS organize a new trading competition for customers with live accounts. The main idea behind this competition is that the higher the transaction volume, the greater the chances of getting any prize. In this way, FBS divide all participants automatically into two groups depending on the amount deposited in the account:

· Group 1: Traders with a deposit from $ 100 to $ 1000.

· Group 2:

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Trading contests of the broker FBS

The Forex broker FBS currently offers two trading contests for demo accounts and live accounts which allow the participation of all their customers. These competitions have interesting cash prizes for the winners, which are determined according to the performance for the participants during the duration of each round of the contest. In summary, the winners are the highest earning traders.

The trading contests offered by FBS with their main features are the following:

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