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The Forex and CFD broker Orbex has implemented a social network for traders developed jointly with FXStat, a company specialized in providing copytrading services (tracking and copy in real-time the transactions of other traders who are members of this network) company. Through this network, customers of the broker can select one or several trading strategies produced by expert Forex traders to create a portfolio and use trading signals generated by their trades in the market to open positions in real time using the equity in the customer trading account. The system operates with full transparency and control and if the client of Orbex selects the best traders (signal providers) can get good results. 

The social network and trading platform of FXStat is an automated trading service that leverages the expertise of a network of traders and successful managers of Forex accounts, called signal providers. As soon as the client opens a trading account with Orbex, simply has to select the strategies (signal providers) whose trading signals is interested in following and add them to their portfolio. When the investor joins FXStat through Orbex, the sophisticated technology of this platform accurately replicates the transactions performed by the signal providers in their trading account in real time.

How FXStat platform work?

  • FXStat is a type of social network and trading platform specializing in copy trading in which signal providers can be viewed and selected based on their performance, using multiple assessment tools.
  • Orbex clients can select the signal providers considered most profitable, include them in their portfolio and control the allocation of money to the trading signals generated by each provider.
  • All transactions performed by selected trading signals providers are executed automatically on the trading account with Orbex through FXStat (it acts as a bridge between signal providers and investors).
  • Finally the customer must evaluate the results obtained by the signal providers chosen.

Advantages of the automated trading services of FXStat

  • The results are not hypothetical, automated trading service is based on real traders, real trading accounts and actual results.
  • A select network of managers of Forex accounts. FXStat choose the best traders specialized in Forex as signal providers.
  • Risk management. System features allow real-time adjustment of leverage and the level of losses by the signal provider.
  • Advanced controls to help manage risk.
  • A lot of signal providers with all kinds of trading strategies, from low risk to high risk systems.
  • Allocation of resources to each signal provider in real time.
  • Full transparency and control. Orbex clients can add or delete any signal provider at any time, and monitor their performance and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Expert replication of trades. Once the trader selects the signal providers and activate the execution of their trading signals, their transactions are executed in the trading account automatically.
  • Rigorous selection process. Signals providers must go through an extensive review process in order to be accepted and to appear in the list of providers of trading signals that can be selected by other members of FXStat.

FXStat constantly monitors the signal providers in order to see their performance and risk management. Thus, this network ensures that signal providers traders operate responsibly and to the benefit of investors who follow their trading signals. The platform of this network allows to verify at any time the performance of each manager with their winning and losing trades and other related indicators.

FXStat platform

How to use the automated trading services of FXStat through Orbex?

  • Create a trading account with Orbex.
  • Deposit funds in the trading account.
  • Enter the website of FXStatthrough Orbex.
  • Select the signal providers via the platform of FXStat.
  • Add the signal provider to the portfolio of trading signals providers.
  • Activate the selected signal provider.
  • Evaluate the results and reap the benefits.

If you are interested in more information about the copy trading service that provides FXStat through the broker Orbex, you can access the website of the company through the following link:

-Orbex website


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