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Social Trading Platform FxPro SuperTrader


FxPro, a broker regulated by CySEC and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has developed a new social trading platform called Supertrader which enables to follow and copy the trades performed in the market by other traders who trade with this company. This application is ideal for beginners, intermediate and even professional traders who are interested in increasing their investment options in the financial markets.

Social Trading Platform FxPro SuperTrader

Below we will explain what is and how works this service of FxPro:

How works FxPro SuperTrader?

FxPro SuperTrader is a platform designed to put in contact investors and professional traders with experience in developing trading strategies. Through this application, investors provide capital while traders (called Leaders in Supertrader) contribute with their knowledge and experiences. 
Meanwhile, FxPro provides the platform, trading infrastructure, performance data and ensures that the process is fair and legal.
SuperTrader provides access to an extensive list of approved trading systems which are classified according to their daily, weekly and yearly performance data. When the investors select a strategy to copy, they can decide how much to invest and set up their own custom risk management controls. Each followed and copied system is automatically placed in the portfolio of the investor, and automatically begins to trade in the market on behalf of the investor using the equity in the account. 
Thus SuperTrader allows the investor to leave all work related to analyze the market and opening and closing positions in the hands of the ever-growing list of Leaders (traders), so that you can focus on managing your investments such as a professional manager.

Signal Providers of FxPro SuperTrader

Main advantage of SuperTrader for the investor

So far, the biggest problem with most copytrading services, mirror trading platforms, trading signals services and the like, is the lack of a unified framework for assessing objetively the performance of all different trading signal providers offered by these services. Because of this, investors often have no idea about how realistic is the performance shown of a trading system and whether it is worth the time and money the investor plan to invest in this system. With Supertrader, the investors can select their signals providers with a higher degree of security which increases their chances of success.
FxPro Supertrader ensures that each Leader pass through a strict application process which includes: 

  • Questionnaires. 
  • Interviews. 
  • Assessments of their strategies.
Even if the leader gets pass these tests, the performance of each strategy is monitored continuously by FxPro. If the performance of a strategy falls below a certain level, or fails to meet its own requirements of risk management, then it is removed from FxPro Supertrader.
Also, this social trading platform is supported by the operating model of FxPro, which means that there is no dealing desk that intervene directly between the positions opened by the strategies in the investor´s portfolio and the markets in which these systems trade. In this case, FxPro does not act as counterparty or trade against the trader, and most importantly, its profits are not generated by the investor losses. This means that there are no conflicts of interest, as the broker profits come from fees charged for each transaction, and therefore the investor gets a fair deal.
Another point to consider is that other providers of social trading solutions operate with dealing desk, which means that the broker offering the service directly intervenes between the positions opened by the strategies in the investor´s portfolio and the markets in which these systems trade. This also means that these brokers act as counterparty, and often trade against the investor and, more importantly, make profits with the losses of the trader.

SuperTrader Main Interface

What offers FxPro SuperTrader for the investor and trader?

FxPro SuperTrader is an extremely demanding enviroment for the leaders and their strategies, and only those that are profitable consistently remain in the system . This results in significant benefits for investors, because they have access to trading strategies that are required to have a performance above a certain level and this systems have to compete with each other to attract capital from investors. This means that as more leaders are joining the platform, the competition among these traders is becoming stronger forcing them to evolve and provide increasingly better strategies. 
Meanwhile , traders have access to the most advanced platform of its kind, and the FxPro client base (currently over 200000) and superior trading infrastructure. Each leader obtains commissions based on the volume traded by investors who follow their trading signals, plus commissions based on the trading signals profitability. Also, any transaction generated by the strategies of the leaders goes directly to the market (FxPro is an ECN/STP broker) , which means faster execution and better prices for both the leader and the investors.

Position management with FxPro SuperTrader

Opening a SuperTrader Account

If you are interested in more information about the broker FxPro and its services, and open a SuperTrader social trading account social Supertrader, you can enter the website of the company through the following link:




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