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Questrade Affiliate program


Affiliate program of the broker Questrade

Questrade Affiliates Review

Questrade Affiliates is an affiliate program implemented by the canadian broker Questrade to promote their services and gain new customers through affiliates, which have multiple tools based on Internet advertising that the program offers. Thus, Questrade Affiliates is an excellent choice for those webmasters interested in monetizing website or blog whose subject is related to financial markets in general as the Forex.

Currently Questrade Affiliates has two payment plans for their members, which are detailed below:

  • CPA: Through this payment plan, the affiliate receives a fixed payment for each referred customer that opens a trading account and deposit funds into it. In this case the payment is $ 70 per trader referred.
  • Revenue Share: This is a payment option through which the broker Questrade shares a percentage of the revenue derived by the customers referred by the affiliate. Through this option, the affiliate gets lifetime 7.5% of the commissions that the broker earn with the referred traders, while they remain trading actively in the market with the company.

The Questrade Affiliates program membership is completely free, the same marketing tools it offers. Moreover, it is necessary that the member open a trading account with Questrade to be accepted, although one of the options available for your earnings are credited.

Questrade Affiliates offers a wide variety of marketing tools which facilitates the promotion of the broker Questrade and the acquisition of new customers for this company. These promotional tools can be used according to the best criteria of the affiliates, provided they do not violate any regulations of the company, including those related to spam, for example. Below are the most important resources of this type that the affiliates have at their disposal:

  • Dozens of banners of various types (gif, html and flash) and all sizes in English. The affiliate has the option to include these banners on any section of your website, which are a very effective means of promotion.
  • Promotional links that can be placed in any section of the blog or website affiliate, which serves to direct visitors directly to different sections of Questrade website, such as the home page or the section where the opening is done demo account.


* Note: It should be clarified at this point that these marketing tools can not be used for spamming (sending unsolicited advertising to third parties) which is prohibited by this affiliate program and may result in account suspension.

In addition, Affiliates Questrade offers the member the chance to multiply their profits by recommending the program itself to other entrepreneurs interested in getting money promoting a properly regulated as broker Questrade. In this way, through its program of sub-affiliate, Questrade Affiliates allows its members get $10 for each trader referred by their sub-affiliate or 1.5% of the commissions you earn the broker to these, depending on the payment method chosen by each sub-affiliate. In summary, this affiliate program can do the following possibilities:

  • Make money promoting the services of the broker Questrade.
  • Make money promoting the same program Questrade Affiliates.


Summary of the general characteristics of Questrade Affiliates

Below are the different characteristics of the affiliate program Questrade Affiliate:

Program Questrade Affiliates
Year of establishment


Promoted Broker Questrade
User Panel to control the account


Updated and comprehensive reporting of statistics (traffic, referred accounts, money earned, etc)


Payment Plans -CPA: CPA Pay a flat $ 70 for every trader to open a trading account and deposit funds into it.

-Revenue Share: Pay up to 7.5% of the fees charged to traders Questrade referred by the affiliate.

-Hybrid: No for the moment.

Subaffiliate Program

Yes, it has a sub-affiliate program that pays as follows:

  • $10 for each sub-affiliate referred by the trader if this method of payment choose CPA.
  • 1.5% of the fees charged to each trader Questrade reported by the sub-affiliate in the event that this method of payment chosen Revenue Share.
Payment Methods
  • Ban Wire Transfer.
  • Cheque 
  • Deposit of earnings in the trading account that the affiliate has with Questrade (if he have one).
Minimum Payment


Languages English. For the moment it does not provide promotional material in other languajes.
Aditional Note

Questrade Affiliates offers the advantage of promoting a well regulated Canadian broker which offers multiple investment instruments, including Forex, stocks, commodities and options.



Link to join Questrade Affiliates:


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