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Premium conditions for VIP clients of Alpari




The broker Alpari has improved its service for VIP customers which offers many benefits and services. The program offers the following form premium customers:

  • Personalized service for customers: Alpari assigned to VIP customers a personal account manager who can be consulted about the services of the broker or trading in general.
  • The possibility of creating a customized investment portfolio:  Alpari has a team of investment specialists who can help the broker´s VIP customers build their own PAMM accounts portfolio. In this way this portfolio will be designed to meet the client´s investment goals. In this case, the client can contact the managers of PAMM accounts for better investment conditions.
  • Points and additional bonuses for participating in Alpari trading competitions: VIP Customers participating in any trading competition of Alpari can obtain additional bonuses and points especially if they finish in the top of these competitions. 
  • Additional credit for premium customers: As trusted clients of Alpari, customers with Premium status can apply for a credit of up to 10000 USD which is deposited into the trading account and can be paid to the company later. 
  • Free deposits and withdrawals (no fees of any kinds): Alpari will reimburse its VIP customers all fees and transfer costs on their deposits and withdrawals.
  • VIP customers receive interest on funds (trading capital) that is not used: The funds of the trading accounts that are not involved in open positions receive an annual interest of 2%. 
  • No limits on the number of open positions: Premium customer of Alpari will have the possibility to trade without restrictions on the number of open positions. 

Conditions to become a VIP Client of Alpari 

Any customer with a trading account at Alpari can get Premium status at the precise moment when the total balance of the trading account reaches a cumulative total of 50000 USD or its equivalent in other currencies, according to the exchange rates in Metatrader 4. After this happens, the word “Premium” appears in the left column in the account panel.  

For more information about services for VIP clients of Alpari you can access the company  website through this link:


cuentas gestionadas Alpari




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