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OxMarkets broker

Review of the Binary Options Broker OxMarkets

OxMarkets is a regulated binary options broker from Cyprus (it is regulated by CySEC) which was founded in 2015 and offers a wide range of underlying assets to trade with binary options including Forex, stocks and indices of vartous markets and commodities like precious metals. It offers various types of binary options (including High/Low and One Touch) and an online trading platform.

This broker belongs to the company Ox Capital Markets Ltd.

Type of Broker

OxMarkets is a Binary Options Broker

Country of origin

The main offices of this broker are located in Cyprus. 


Currently this broker is regulated by CySEC of Cyprus with the license number 274/15.

Underlying Assets

The clients of this brokers have the possibility to trade with binary options based on the following underlying assets:

  • Forex Market: 12 currency pairs of the Forex market, including the most important like the EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY, and other more exotic and less known including the USD/RUB, USD/TRY and the USD/SGD among others.
  • Commodities: 8 of the most important and traded commodities in the market, including gold, silver and crude oil among others.
  • Stock Indices: 20 major global indices which are traded in major financial markets, including the S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, CAC 40, FTSE 100, Nikkei 225 and ASX among others.
  • Stocks: 20 of the main shares of the most important stock markets in United States, Europe and Asia, including  Google, Apple, Nike, Coca Cola, HSBC, Rolls Royce, Hitachi y Toshiba Co among others.

Types of Binary Options

This broker offers its customers the following types of binary options:

  • High/Low Options: The most common type of binary option in the market due to the fast and high profits that it offers to the trader and the simplicity of its operation compared to other financial instruments. In this case, the investor has to predict whether the price of the underlying will end up below or above the entry price (the price of the underlying asset at which the option was acquired) once the contract expires. Generally, the period of maturity of the High/Low options of OxMarkets is 1 hour, however the customers are able to trade options with longer or shorter expiration periods, from 60 seconds to 1 month.
  • One Touch Options: These binary options are more complex compared to the High/Low options because the trader has to predict whether the price of the underlying instrument will reach or not an stablished price level or barrier. If the price of the underlying asset touches the barrier, the option automatically expires even if the regular maturity period has not ended   These options usually have a maturity longer than High/Low options and offer higher profits up to 500% in the case of OxMarkets.
  • Custom Binary Options: These are binary options in which the trader has the ability to modify the main parameters of the option contract, such as the expiration period, the underlying asset, the risk level of the operation and the return offered if the option expires In The Money. In general, these are High/Low options through which the clients of the broker can trade with options fully adapted to their trading strategies.
  • Binary Options on pairs of assets: These are options where the trader speculates about the performance of a financial asset relative to another, ie you have to determine if one assets of the pair will go up or down with respect to the other asset during the maturity of the option. In general, these options are based on pairs of assets of the same type, such as two stocks in the same sector (Google vs. Apple), precious metals (gold vs. silver) and stocks against indexes that include them (Apple vs. Nasdaq).
  • 60 Seconds binary options: This is a special type of High/Low option which are characterized by an expiration period of just 60 seconds. Thanks to this feature, these derivatives are ideal for investors interested in trades that can generate fast earnings, especially in volatile markets and instruments such as Forex, oil and gold for example.
  • Ladder bet options: This is a trading tool that allows the trader to make multiple predictions about a particular asset during a period of maturity, while analyzing the yields and benefits corresponding for each prediction. Unlike classical binary options on the Ladder Bet the trader can select multiple options for the same period of maturity which are deeply “In The Money” to gain a few percentage points in a “safe” way, or can choose an option that is “Out the Money” for a potential gain that could be up to 1500%.

Payments Offered by OxMarkets

The return o payment offered by the binary options offered by OxMarkets that expire In The Money (winning transactions) is the following:

  • High/Low Binary options: The return is 70% to 85% of the money invested by the trader in the option.
  • One Touch Binary Options: The return offered is 70% to 500% of the capital invested by the trader in the option.
  • Pair  Binary Options: The return offered is 70% to 85% of the capital invested by the trader in the option.
  • Ladder Bet Binary Options: The return offered is up to 1500% of the capital invested by the trader in the option.

In the case of losing transactions (options that expire Out The Money), the trader loss the total amount invested in the transaction.

CFD on Forex

OxMarkets customers also have the ability to trade CFD on currencies. Contracts for Difference are leveraged products, which means that these are transactions in which the trader has to put only a percentage of the total transaction amount which allow to gain a much larger market exposure with less money. Also CFD has no expiration period as in the case of binary options.

The conditions of the CFD contracts on Forex of OxMarkets are:

  • Minimum transaction size: $ 25
  • Maximum Leverage: 1:500
  • Underlying assets: 12 currency pairs

Trading Accounts

This broker offers various types of trading accounts for clients with different profiles. To access each type of account, the trader must deposit a specific amount depending on their choice. The main features of these accounts are as follows:

Trading account Micro Bronze Silver Gold
Deposit $250-$2499 $2500-$4999 $5000-$9999 $10000-$25000
Welcome bonus Up to 25% Up to 50% Up to 100% Up to 100%
Introductory lesson on the trading platform Yes Yes Yes Yes
Educational ebook for beginners Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free demo account For 7 days and with 10000-50000 of virtual money Unlimited and with 50000 of virtual money Unlimited and with 50000 of virtual money Unlimited and with 50000 of virtual money
Introductory lesson to binary options No Yes Yes Yes
Access to a personal account manager No Yes Yes Yes
Free trading signals No Up to 10 signals per day Up to 25 signals per day Up to 10 signals per day
7 Steps training course on trading No No Yes Yes
Free webinars No No Yes Yes
Custom market analysis No No Yes Yes
Higher payments for winning trades No No No Yes

Trading Platform

It is a web based application that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection through OxMarkets website and requires no download or installation. This platform is based on SpotOptions and includes several trading tools such as updated market prices for all underlying assets and price charts for example. The regular trading platform of OxMarkets is specifically designed to trade with binary options of various types (High/Low and One Touch for example), so it includes several features for positions management which allow the opening of new positions and the control of options that are still active.

This platform includes the following additional tools:

  • Roll Over: This feature provides the ability to extend the maturity of a binary option, so it is quite useful in those operations where the trader believes that an option which at the moment is “Out The Money” has the possibility to expire “In The Money” if the time to maturity is increased. This powerful stop loss tool can be applied up to 10 minutes prior to the expiration of the contract, however, the use of this feature requires the addition of an extra investment of 30% (the potential return also increases by 30%).
  • Double Up: Through this feature, the trader has the possibility to increase their investment and double the profits. Basically, when an option is near maturity and the trader predicts that the market will continue in the same direction, OxMarkets offers the possibility of doubling the option with just one click on the button Double Up In this way, the trader opens a new position with the same conditions as the original but with the current price of the underlying asset.
  • Options Builder: It is a function that allows the trader to design and trade with  their own custom binary options. These options can be tailored to the needs and investor trading strategies. With this tool, the trader has the ability to modify the main parameters of the contract, including the underlying asset, the expiration period, the return offered by the option (if it expires In The Money) and the level of risk.

Demo Account

This broker offers a free demo account with 10000 to 50000 of virtual money for practicing.

Payment Options

The clients of OxMarkets can deposit and withdrawal funds through the following payment options: Bank Wire Transfer and Credit Card (the most important like Mastercard and VISA).

The deposits can be made both in Euros and US Dollars.

Main Advantages of OxMarkets

  • OxMarkets is a properly regulated European broker (CySEC in Cyprus).
  • On a regular basis, the company offers promotions for traders that open trading accounts and deposit funds. In most cases, these promotions consist of bonuses for each deposit made by the trader.
  • It is a binary options broker that offers a variety of underlying assets to trade with binary options.
  • OxMarkets allows to extends the maturity of a binary option (Rollover) or duplicate a winning trade which offers the potential to increase earnings when there are favorable market movement.
  • The broker’s customers are able to trade with binary options customized according to their trading strateges through the Option Builder application. Likewise, they can also trade with binary options with a maturity of 30 seconds, ideal for fast market transactions.
  • The customer can trade binary options based on pairs of assets.
  • It offers various types of trading accounts depending on the amount deposited, which includes additional services and advantages for the trader.
  • Daily market analysis carried out by experts.
  • This broker offers its customers various education resources on binary options, including:
    • Webinars with expert traders with years of experience in the market.
    • A personal account manager able to provide support and education on binary options and trading in general.
    • One on one weekly training sessions with an expert analyst.
    • A free ebook about binary options.
  • A free trading signals  service through which the trader may receive up to 60 signals daily.
  • OxMarkets offers the opportunity to earn money by promoting its services as a broker through an affiliate program.

Main Brokers Offers

This broker offers regular promotions for clients that open an account and deposit funds. The current promotions of this broker are:

  • A 100% welcome bonus for traders that open a trading account and deposit funds.
  • 2 risk free trades.


Company Ox Capital Markets Ltd
Minimum account size The minimum account deposit to open and account and start trading with OxMarkets is $250.
Minimum transaction size 25 US dollars/euros.
Maximum transaction size 1500 US dollars/euros.
Link to the website  

OxMarkets website

Open an account

OXMarkets regulated broker





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2 comments to OxMarkets Binary Options Broker

  • I deposit 100EUR to get a bonus. i realized that i didnt like the platform. it was too slow, i had to type multiple time my bank details because the skrill functionality was not working… any way long story short, i ask for a refund and guess what !!??? since i have received the bonus I was not able to withdraw my funds, unless i was going to do a turnover of 25 times my initial deposit. it goes without saying running 25 times my deposit I will lose it all. i thought that it would have been good to spread the words before you find yourself in the same trap as I am now. if it interest the management of Ox, you can contact me to refunds if you want me to stop posting shits.

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