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List of Metatrader 4 Expert Advisors

One of the main advantages of the Metatrader 4 trading platform is the possibility to use automated trading systems called Expert Advisors or EA. The Expert Advisors are programs (created using a language program called Metaquotes or MTQ4)  designed by expert traders, based on well-defined trading strategies which employ in the majority of cases, all kinds of technical indicators like moving averages or stochastic oscillators for example.

Basically, the EA are automated systems that can trade in the market 24 hours a day without intervention of the trader. In this way, the investor can take advantage of the many possibilities offered by the market without the need to be analyzing the market conditions all day. The use of these systems is an excellent way to diversify investments in the market.
In fact, the Expert Advisors of Metatrader 4 are one of the most popular options of Forex autotrading that currently exist. For this reason, many Forex brokers include Metatrader 4 among its trading platforms and allow the use of EA.

In this section, we include multiple automated trading systems which were developed using successful trading strategies. The Expert Advisors included in the table below are based on systems properly tested by experienced traders. However, it is desirable to evaluate each automated trading system before using it with a real account, so we recommend using a demo account first to avoid any loss. The Expert Advisors that are not included in the table have not been tested by the staff of Forex Formations or other sites so we strongly recommend that each trader test carefully each system before using real money.

Because the EA files are quite small, we include all these files in one download link for the convenience of visitors. In total, through this link you can download more than 1000 different Expert Advisors, of which only those listed in the table were tested as already mentioned. The list of EA will be increased continuously.

If anyone has any doubt about how to use Expert Advisors and evaluate them, we will provide any help possible. Later we will include a guide to use Metatrader 4.

Expert AdvisorInstrumentsTimeframesTest LotsBest ResultProfitDescription
All0.1-1.0GBP/USD 15Min. 64% Strategy based on breakouts. Use multiple technical indicators.
MACD PatternEUR/USD4H0.3EUR/USD 4H.81%EA based on patterns of MACD for H4 charts of the EUR / USD.
BinaryAllAll 0.1-1.0GBP/USD 1D.200%It is based on exponential moving averages applied to different price ranges.

Is better to use this strategy for manual operations.
OtkatAll1H0.1-1.0EUR/USD H1. 78%Pull back based strategy with low Take Profit levels.
Expert Advisor based on breakoutsAllDaily0.1GBP/USD 1D.No informationThis is an expert advisor that is based on a single daily strategy of congestion zones breakthroughs in the market.
Adjustable MA 3GAllAll0.1-1.0EUR/USD 5min68%The Adjustable MA 3G is a highly customizable moving averages expert advisor which is based on the 3rd Generation Moving Average indicator
AmazingAllAll0.1No informationNo informationBasically it is an EA based on market news which take advantage of breakouts that occur when these reports are released so it only works on the date and time set by the trader
Expert Advisor myFXOverEasyAllAll0.1USD/CHF 4HNo informationThe Expert Advisor myFXOverEasy uses a custom indicator which is a combination of four custom Metatrader indicators
AUD/JPY WednesdayAUD/JPY 1H0.1-1.0AUD/JPY 1H79%The expert advisor Wednesday AUD/JPY 15:00 is based on the trading strategy of the same name.
ATR TrailerAllAll0.1EUR/USD 5min40%The expert advisor ATR Trailer is an automated trading strategy that does not use any particular entry rule and is based primarily on a mechanism of trailing stop orders
EA Based on Moving AveragesAllAll0.1-1.0EUR/USD 5min60%The Adjustable MA expert advisor is a customizable EA based on moving averages that offers greater flexibility compared to the strategies of traditional moving averages crosses.
FrameworkAllAll0.1GBP/JPY 1D.No informationThis EA is based on CCI indicators. It uses CCI indicator crosses to determine where to open and close positions.
Artificial IntelligenceAllAll0.1GBP/USD 1HNo informationThe Artificial Intelligence Expert Advisor uses a fairly simple imitation of a neural network (programs that mimic the functioning of the human nervous system) to produce buy and sell signals as well as trailing stops.

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