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iFollow is a new tool of EmpireOption that allows customers of the broker to improve their chances of making profits in binary options trades.Through iFollow, users can copy the trades of the best traders  of EmpireOption with one click. Thus, the transaction is copied instantly in the user’s account using their own capital.

iFollow is the most important advance of EmpireOption this year. It is a very simple tool that allows to copy the successful trades of other investors. You do not need any knowledge of the financial markets to use iFollow, you only need to see the traders ranking, select the investors to follow and in minutes you will be making successful trades. Join copy and earn money.

The following is an image of iFollow:

iFollow - copytrading platform of EmpireOption

iFollow is considered the most important improvement of the EmpireOption services this year, allowing customers of the broker to use the collective intelligence of thousands of traders, including successful traders with experience in the field of binary options.

In other words, with iFollow the user can copy the trades performed by other traders who have more experience and understanding of the markets – and therefore who are more profitable. Thanks to this tool, a beginner trader can get the same results of the experts. Each day, EmpireOption shows who are the traders with the highest percentage of successful transactions with binary options and will make these traders available to other customers to copy their operations.

Traders selection to copy their signals

The ranking of traders of EmpireOption is organized based on the success rate of trades performed and the amount of money earned. Thus, for each trader the platform shows the initials, nationality, number of followers (investores copyng the trades) and the number of positions opened so far.

The picture above shows the interface of iFollow which includes the ranking of traders of EmpireOption. Through this ranking, the user can check the statistics described above for each trader so the investor have the ability to select the most profitable traders.

Settings for copy trading

To set the copying details of a trader (signal provider) the investor should select the following options:

  • Follow-up period: You can choose different periods ranging from one day to one year. 
  • Investment for trade: Amounts invested in each trade will not be identical to those of the selected trader, unless the investor select the “no limit” option. Otherwise, you must select a fixed amount of investment (fixed premium) for all trades that are copied. 
  • Overall investment limit: A maximum investment amount for the total trades that are copied is selected. If the user selects “no limit”, then the system will copy all transactions until you decide to stop following the trader or until the amount of funds available in the account balance is depleted.

Follow or stop following 

The client of EmpireOption can start to follow any trader at any moment, and at the same time has the possibility to stop following a trader at any time. In the window of “Follow”, the user will always have this option available.

Advantages of iFollow for the novice trader 

iFollow is an ideal tool for beginning traders with little or no experience in binary options trading. This is because it allows the user to have time to develop as a trader, because while you learn, you can make money thanks to the knowledge and experience of other binary options traders.

There are many opportunities in the market of these derivatives, and many traders can not take advantage of these opportunities due to their lack of knowledge, so iFollow offers the possibility of visualizing the correct decisions of other investors like them. For the beginner, this serves as a guide to follow the best path in their trades.

Finally, another important advantage of iFollow is its simple and user friendly interface, which can be used without problems even for inexperienced users.

If you want more information on the iFollow platform and other services of this broker, you can enter the website of EmpireOption using the following link:

-EmpireOption Broker website


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