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FXReplitrader social trading platform of Forex-Metal


FXReplitrader is a unique automated trading system that was developed by the broker Forex-Metal. This platform enables customers of this company trade with professional and experienced traders from all over the world. It is based on the concept of social and copy trading, and offers beginners and inexperienced traders in financial markets the ability to trade in the Forex market by copying transactions made by traders with years of experience.


In turn, experienced traders (signal providers) can increase their profits through the commissions they get every time their operations are copied.

How FXReplitrader work? 

Traders and signals providers from all over the world send their tips as trading signals to the FXReplitrader platform. This application incorporates the signals in its trading system, which is fully compatible with the Metatrader 4 platform.

Even if a beginner trader has never traded before in the market, FXReplitrader offers the ability to trade with confidence, because through automated trading signals it allows more experienced traders manage their trades.

The client of Forex-Metal can choose any signals provider listed in the list of professional traders. If a trader wants to use this service either to follow the trading signals or as a signal provider, just have to open an account with this company. Once the process is completed, the trading account is opened and the client can connect it to any signal provider of his choice to start receiving trading signals automatically.

The following image shows the platform of FXReplitrader along with a list of trading signals providers:



As we can see, for each signal provider the system display different data and statistics, including:

  • Name 
  • Weekly Return in pips. 
  • Return from the moment when the trader became a signal provider. 
  • Number of followers. 
  • Recommendations for the trader.


The customer can make the necessary adjustments (for a better risk management) or may cancel the trading signals reception and execution at any moment. 


-The minimum deposit to access the social trading service of Forex-Metal is $500.


You can learn more about the social trading platform FXRepliTrader and open an account to trade with trading signals in the company website using the following link:


-Forex-Metal Website




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