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options of companies that offer Forex trading signals

Forex Signals options

There are several companies and websites that offers Forex trading signals services which can be quite useful mainly for traders with no time or knowledge to trade by themselves. In some cases these companies and websites provide trading signals to their customer in exchange of a payment that can vary according to the service.

The obvious advantage of  this kind of service is that the customer does not need to watch and analyze the market all day . These services can also be used by investors who know nothing about financial markets like the Forex market for example.  In most cases the clients only receive the signals, open the trading platform with his broker and  then open the position(s) according to the instructions send by the signal provider. This saves a lot of time to the investors that cannot watch the markets all day. Also avoids the need for long and complicated analysis before entering the market leaving the job to expert traders or automated trading systems designed by the same kind of market experts.

Generally, these trading signals services specialize in the Forex market, but depending of the company and their services, the client can also receive trading signals to trade in other financial markets and with other instruments such as stocks, indices, futures, commodities and others. As mentioned before, this depends on the company. The trading signals are sent to the client by the following methods:

  • By e-mail.
  • By SMS message.
  • Through the company website.
  • Through a specialized web-based software of the company.

Also, there are some Forex brokers that offer complete services of market alerts and trading signals for customers who open a trading account with them and deposit a certain amount of capital. The quality of the service depends on the broker but in general could be very useful. The companies dedicated to the trading signals services charge a commission for their services depending on several factors like the following:

  • The frequency of the trading signals.
  • The number and types of instruments on which the client wants to receive signals.
  • The use of additional services.

These companies usually charge between 10-100 dollars (each month) depending on the services contracted by the client. In most cases, the investor can test the services during a trial period (generally one month) in which their products and services can be used at no cost This is an interesting advantage  that can be used by the client to verify the effectiveness of the trading signals.

The following is a list of companies (including brokers) that offer trading signal services:

Options of Forex trading signals

The main options of sites and companies that offer the service of Forex trading signals are shown in the following list. In some cases, these are specialized sites dedicated to the service of sending trading signals in exchange of a payment that may be for a defined time period (weekly, monthly, annually), for every signal, for a package of signals or for the amount of currency pairs in which the trader is interested in receiving trading signals. There are some Forex brokers that also provide trading signal services to their customers.



Service features

Complete review


-The cost of the service is $99 a month.

-A trial period of 14 days.

-Signals of daytrading and swing trading.

-The signals are generated by a pattern recognition software.

-Intelli4ex also offers a service of automated trading.

Forex, stocks and futures.



-It offers packages of trading signals and education.

-To access the signals the trader has to enter specialized trading rooms in different markets.

-The trading signals are basically of daytrading.

-The cost of the monthly package (all rooms) is $249.

Forex, commodities and stock indices.


-SignalTrader Is associated with major Forex brokers as AvaTrade and

-The trading signals are produced by experienced traders.

-The trading signals can be received by:

  • Client email.
  • Directly to the trading account with one of the partner brokers for execution.
  • One of the trading rooms of SignalTrader.

-The cost of the signal service is $99 a month.

-It also provides a automated trading service.




-Trading signals produced by real expert traders.

-Trading signals are based on breakout trading strategies and reverse trades.

-All signals include: Entry price, stop loss and take profit prices.

-Trading signals can be consulted via email, SMS messages and through an online software of the company.

-Three packages with a cost of $169 to $199.

-Forexsignal also provides automated trading service.


-It also offers automated trading services.

-The trading signals are sent at fixed time.

-Every signal includes entry price, stop loss and exit price.

-The service send 1 to 15 signals daily.

-SignalsForex offers different signal packages at a cost of £50 (1 package of signals) to £550 (all packages of signals).

-A trial period to evaluate the service.


Forex, stock indices, gold and oil.

-It is a free service of the broker XM.

-All trading signal comprises: entry price, stop loss and take profit level.

-The trading signals are sent twice daily to the members area of the customer’s account.

-the first signal is sent at 7:00 GMT

broker LiteForex


-It is a free service of the broker LiteForex

-All trading signal comprises: entry level, stop loss and take profit level.

-The trading signals are sent by SMS or email.

Forex y CFD

-This is a free service provided by HyMarkets broker for all customers who deposit at least $250.

-The trading signals are provided by Trading Central through

-The signals identify market momentum, major trends and price movements.

Forex, gold, oil and the main stock indices

-Access to free trading signals provided by for clients who deposit at least $500.

-The signals of TradeSignals are sent via email and are simple and easy to follow.

-Signals to trade with Forex and oil  from RiseForex and RiseOil, which can be followed by MT4, SMS messages and email.

-The trading signal service of RiseOil and RiseForex have a cost of $150/month. These signals are just for short term trades.

-Unlimited access to signals and market analysis of Trading Central to all customers who deposit at least $500 their account.


Forex and CFD

-Free trading signals for customers who deposit at least $5,000 in their accounts.

-The signals are sent by SMS and email messages.

-The signals are generated by Barclays Signals.

Forexclub International

Forex and CFD

-Signals and market analysis provided by Trading Central for customers who deposit at least $1,500.

-Access to signals and analysis from AutoChartist for customers who deposit at least $250.

In case you are interested in a set of guidelines necessary for choosing a good , reliable and profitable Forex signals service, you can consult the following link:

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