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Low minimum deposit brokers

Currently, the offer of Forex brokers is extremely wide. There are dozens of companies that offer access to the Forex market and other financial markets for traders around the world. Although these brokers share similar characteristics with each other, also have their differences, for example the type of execution these companies offer (NDD, ECN and Market Makers), the trading platform used, the markets these brokers provide access and the minimum amount to open an trading account with them. The minimum amount may vary substantially from one broker to another, for example is still possible to find brokers that let you open an account with a deposit of only $1, while other brokers require a deposit of at least $5000 or more.

Obviously not everyone has the opportunity to start by opening an account with $ 5000. For this reason, brokers that  have a low minimum deposit are a good option especially for beginner traders. If you, for example is a novice trader with little or no experience in the financial markets, you probably will not want to risk your hard earned money while learning how to trade and be profitable in the market. While the demo accounts can be helpful at some point the trader must “jump”and open a real account, so it’s best to start with one that allows you to operate with limited funds.

Likewise, a broker that offers this type of account allows a more experienced trader  to learn about the service and actual trading conditions provided by this broker, without risking a large capital deposited in a company that may not meet its expectations. For example, if a trader opens a trading account of $50 with a broker X which in the end provided a service rather mediocre, he will probably decides not to continue trading with this company. If this occurrs, this trader will lose only $50. On the contrary, if the broker meets the expectations of the trader, all this trader have to do is to deposit more funds and continue trading in the market through this company.

While some of these brokers that offer low minimum deposits to their accounts are not among the best and some of them are rather questionable (only some), there are serious and consolidated companies that offer this possibility to attract new customers.

Below is a list of Forex brokers that offer the possibility to open a trading accounts with a minimum deposit of $1 to $200. The list includes a link to a full review of the broker on this site:

List of brokers with a minimum deposit of $ 200 or less

Company Minimum deposit (USD) Complete Review

No minimum deposit for Nano Accounts Review

$5 Review

$10 Review

$5 Review
Atlas Capital FX

Broker ACFX

$10 Review

$100 Review

$100 Review

$1 Review


$25 Review

Forex broker ICMarkets

$200 Review

$50 Review

$100 Review

$10 Review

$1 Review

$50 Review
MFX Broker

$1 Review

$1 Review

broker Piptrade

$50 Review
Hy Markets

$50 Review


$100 Review

$5 Review



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