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Affiliateyard is an interesting Forex affiliate program created by the Forex broker Forexyard. Through this program, the affiliate can earn money by promoting the services of this broker and getting customers who open a trading account and deposit funds in it. Thanks to the many marketing tools that offers Affiliateyard, this program is an excellent option to monetize websites or blogs whose topics are related with financial markets such as the Foreign Exchange market. Membership is completely free program and use different marketing tools it offers.

Likewise, the affiliate does not need to open a trading account with Forexyard to be accepted in the program.

The program itself offers the usual payment plans of the Forex affiliate programs: CPA, Revenue Share and Hybrid. However, in this case the amounts of these commissions are not fixed but variable and depend on the number of Forexyard´s clients (traders) referred by the affiliate.

At the beginning, the affiliate starts earning a CPA of $100 and a Revenue Share of 20% of the profits earned by the broker with the referred customers. With the passage of time and according to their performance, the affiliates can earn up to $300 of CPA and 50% of Revenue Share and also have the option to request an Hybrid payment plan.

Affiliateyard has a wide variety of marketing tools which facilitates the promotion of the broker Forexyard and the acquisition of new customers for the company. Among the most interesting promotion tools we can mention the following:

  • Dozens of banners of various types (gif, flash and all sizes in several languages, including English and Spanish among others. These banners can be included in any website or blog administered by the affiliate.
  • Javascript advanced tools like a currency converter, updated news and market analysis, the most important interest rates worldwide, prices of major currency pairs, Forex charts with technical analysis indicators, a complete and updated economic calendar and more. These tools can be placed anywhere in the affiliate website to improve the appearance of this while promoting the broker Forexyard at the same time in a more interesting way.
  • Dozens of landing pages that can be used by the affiliate to promote various products and services offered by Forexyard as a Forex broker. These landing pages can be used in the affiliate’s web site or in promotional campaigns of various kinds.
  • These marketing tools can not be used to send unwanted and intrusive advertising (SPAM). That is forbidden by this affiliate program and can cause the suspension of the account and the loss of the accumulated earnings.

Also, Affiliateyard includes the possibility to increase the profits of the affiliate by recommending the same program to other entrepreneurs who wish to obtain money by promoting a Forex broker like Forexyard. Through its sub affiliate program, Affiliateyard allows its affiliates to obtain up to 10% of their subaffiliates earnings produced each month. In summary, Affiliateyard offers the following opportunities:

  1. Make money promoting the services of the broker Forexyard.
  2. Make money promoting the same program Affiliateyard.


Summary of the general characteristics of Affiliateyard

Below are the main characteristics of the Affiliate Program Affiliateyard:

Program Affiliateyard
Year of establishment
Promoted Broker
User Panel to control the account
Updated and comprehensive reporting of statistics (traffic, referred accounts, money earned, etc)
Payment Plans
CPA: Is a variable CPA from $100 to $300 depending on the amount of referred customers and the type of account opened by them.
Revenue Share: Is a variable Revenue Share from 20% to 50% depending on the number of clients referred by the affiliate.
Híbrido: Yes, but is only available to affiliates who have a good performance referring new customers to Forexyard.
Subaffiliate Program
Yes, it pays 10% of the profits obtained by the sub-affiliates.
Payment Methods
-Bank Wire Transfer.
Minimum Payment
English only, but it offers marketing tools in multiple languages such as Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Arabic and others.
Additional Notes
It is a very complete affiliate program that offers multiple options for promotional tools. Also, the payment plans are variable so the amount of money  that the affiliate can earn depends on the number of referred clients.


Link to join Affiliateyard:

Affiliateyard Affiliate Program

Forex affiliate program Forexyard



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  • Forex affiliate

    The affiliate program suggested above is quite interesting. Affiliate market is no doubt a good option to start the carrier as an affiliate for those who wants to make money online. Forex market is a huge financial market and forex affiliate program is growing day by day because its a profitable affiliate program.

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