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Free Market Analysis Tools

To provide support to the traders who visit this site, we include a series of free analytics tools that can be used to support decision making. The use of these tools is free of charge and can be quite useful as they provide a complete picture of the market. Below is a list of analysis tools in this site, along with a brief description of them:

1. Pivot Point Calculator: The use of pivot points can be used as support and resistance points in order to place signs “Stop profit” and “Stop lose”. Many traders around the world use pivot points to calculate their trades and exit points. This useful tool allows to calculate the pivot point of any instrument.

2. Economic Calendar:  An economic calendar with the most important economic news is a helpful tool to keep abreast of developments that may affect the market. On this site include various economic calendars developed by Forex brokers. 

3. Free Forex charts with basic analysis tools: The most important tools for every trader are the price charts. This site includes several price charts with real time data, which include basic tools of technical analysis such as moving averages and oscillators.

4. Free Live Currency Rates: To trade successfully in the market is necessary to know the price action of the instruments with which we are trading. For that reason we included a tool with live quotes of the most important currency pairs and other instruments like commodities.

5. Fibonacci Levels Calculator: One of the most interesting market analysis tools are the Fibonacci levels. Many trading strategies are based on these levels to anticipate price retracements in any market asset such as Forex. For this reason we include a tool that calculate Fibonacci levels for bullish and bearish trends.

6. Financial Markets Hours: It is very important to take into account the opening and closing of the most important markets around the world. Many times we are trading in the Foreign Exchange Market and suddenly we see a unexpected movement of various currency pairs in a certain direction that we did not expected. This can be caused by the opening of a major financial market like Londres or New York.

7. Currency Pairs Volatility: The trader must be aware all the time about the volatility of the currency pairs in which he trade normally. This could be important for example if he prefers to trade with pairs that show a more predictable and stable behaviour to stay away of those which are showing a more volatile movements.

8. Correlation of Different Currency Pairs: The correlations for the major currency pairs such as the EUR/USD and USD/JPY allow the trader to verify which pairs are moving more or less in the same direction and which have an inverse type of relation (when the price of one rises the other falls and vice versa) at any given time.