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Forex trading techniques


trading techniques

The best trading techniques for the investor

This section includes a list of various trading techniques developed by experienced traders. In most cases these strategies are based on technical analysis indicators, however we will try to include some strategies based on fundamental analysis because a lot of traders prefers this approach.

In most cases these trading system can be used with various instruments such as Forex, stocks, Futures, options, CFDs and more. However, in some cases are designed to trade in certain markets. Therefore, we recommend you read it, analyze and test the strategy carefully before use it with a real trading account.

For this, the Forex brokers have demo accounts that allow fictitious trades in the market with virtual money. We absolutely recommend testing these systems with a demo account and we are not responsible for any loss that might have some visitors to this website by using these strategies. It is the responsibility of each trader to use correctly these trading systems.

The trading systems shown on this site are based on technical indicators like moving averages, oscillators, and many others, so the trader needs a trading platform with advanced charts and technical indicators to implement them. Each strategy comes with a small description and clear examples for their application, trying to make this as easy as possible.

If anyone has any questions regarding these trading techniques, I will gladly try to resolve it. Also, if anyone wants to share any trading system may apply for inclusion on the site. Of course include your name as author.

List of  trading systems

The following is a list of trading techniques which can be found on this site:


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