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Trading signals with Forexsignal

FairSignals signals service of OptionFair




Fairsignals is a trading signals service created by the binary options broker OptionFair (regulated by CySEC) which was created as a way for customers of this company to take advantage of the many daily opportunities that the binary options market offers thanks to the diversity of markets (underlying assets) to which it provides access. The service was designed specifically for day traders (traders specialized in open positions that last less than a day).


Basically Fairsignals is an alert system that tells OptionFair customers which are the potential trades that have the greatest potential for profit at the time that appropriate market conditions are generated.

Fairsignals signals can be received via email or SMS messages. Also, these signals can be seen on the website of OptionFair, for which the trader has to receive their login details.


Description of the trading signals service Fairsignals

Trading signals features

Each trading signal of Fairsignals have the following information:

  • Direction of the trade (Call or Put option).
  • Underlying asset on which the option is based.
  • Period of maturity.

Based on this information, the trader can open the trades in the trading platform of OptionFair. This data is sent to the email or mobile phone of the trader, and can be used to supplement their own market analysis.

How to use the trading signals?

Once the trading signals are sent, the trader has a maximum of 5 minutes to execute the trade. In case the trader want to use the signal then must follow the instructions to the letter indicating the direction of the position (call or put option), the underlying asset and the exact expiry time as indicated.

If a signal is received and it is not executed 5 minutes after it was issued, it is recommended that the trader ignore the signal. The mathematical expectation of the model may change significantly, and after five minutes a trading signal may no longer be valid.

How many signals are received every day?

On average, a total of some 16 signals are sent each trading day.

What underlying assets are included in the trading signals?

Today Fairsignals sends trading signals based on over 25 underlying assets, which include the most liquid and popular assets. Typically, each set of signals contains no more than 4-5 assets that present the best opportunities. Usually these assets are the most liquid and include the major currency pairs, stocks, stock indices and commodities.

The list of assets in each email or SMS message with trading signals can be different. Everything depends on the behavior that is having a particular list of assets and how reliable are the conditions presented for trading, from the point of view of experts of OptionFair who analyze the market day to day.

When are sent the trading signals?

The signals are sent at set times each day – At 12:00, 14:00, 17:00 and 19:00 UTC +3 (Cyprus time).

It should be noted that sometimes the Fairsignals models consider that it is too risky to enter the market. Thus, it could easily happen that there will be days with less signals or no signal at all. Although these cases are rare, it is advisable to keep this information in mind and not confuse if we are waiting for signals and these are not coming.

Should I use all trading signals or not?

We recommend using at least 2-3 signals of each set of trading signals sent to the trader. Due to the nature and quantity of signals, it is also advised to reduce the amounts invested in each signal from the start and follow the statistics carefully. In this regard it is important to apply a money management strategy.

What are the risks?

Note that binary options trading involves a high risk of losing your initial investments. The trader should be aware of all the risks before start trading with these derivatives.

How to register in the FairSignals service to receive trading signals?

Traders who are interested in the trading signals service of OptionFair have to follow the following procedure to register and receive the signals:

  • Open a trading account with OptionFair.
  • Contact the personal account manager and or customer service center to request the access data.
  • Access the trading signals page of OptionFair.

You can get more information about the trading signals service FairSignals of OptionFair and open an account through the following link:

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