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Review of the binary options broker EZTrader

Review of the Binary Options Broker EZTrader

EZTrader is a binary options broker created in 2008 in Cyprus that allows to trade with options of various types based in many underlying assets such as commodities, stocks, indices and currency pairs (Forex). This company has no commissions and fees and use a very user friendly trading platform which requires no download and installation (a web based application).

Type of Broker

EZTrader is a Binary Options Broker.

Country of origin

The headquarters of this company are located in Cyprus.


No information about it.

Underlying Assets

The clients of EZTrader have the possibility to trade with binary options based on the following assets:

  • Forex Market: 11 currency pairs of the Forex market including the most important such as the EUR/USD, USD/JPY or GBP/USD.
  • Stock Indices: The main indices of the US, Asian and European markets such as S&P 500, Dow Jones,  Nasdaq, DAX, FTSE 100, CAC, Hang Seng and Jakarta among others.
  • Commodities: Gold, silver, copper and oil, the most important commodities in the market.
  • Stocks:The most important stocks of the US and European markets such as Amazon, Intel, Google, McDonalds, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank, Telefonica, Vodafone and others.

Types of Binary Options

  • Above/Below Binary Options (long/short term expiration of the contract): This is the most common type of binary option due to its simplicity and the high and fast income that it offers for the trader. In this case, the trader must predict in the underlying asset price will end above or below the acquisition price once the option expires. Usually, the above/below options offered by this broker have an expiration period of 1 hour, however, the trader can also trade with binary options with varying maturities.
  • One Touch Binary Options:These are more complex binary options than above/below options. In this case, the trader mus establish if the underlying asset price will touch or not a predetermined price level (barrier) before the option expires. If the price touches that level, then the option is automatically terminated without finishing its period of maturity. Because of its complexity, the return offered by One Touch options can reach up to 400% with this broker.

Payments Offered by EZTrader

-If the option expires “In the money” EZTrader pays from 65% to 95% of the contract inversion for Above/Below options and from 65% to 400% for One Touch options.

Conversely, in the option expires “Out The Money”, this broker allows the trader to recover up to 15% of the contract inversion.

Trading Accounts

EZTrader has one trading account that allow to trade with Binary Options based on all the financial instruments mentioned above. This account includes all services offered by this broker, including the trading platforms, all the underlying assets, the customer service, regular promotions for new clients, the extra services and more. 

The trader can open a trading account with EZTrader for free.No previous deposit is required. 

Trading Platform

EZTrader offers two trading platforms with the following features:

-Regular trading platform: This is an easy to use web based trading platform with all the functions and tools need it to trade with Binary Options. This application can be accessed from any place with Internet connection through the broker´s website. It offers updated quotes, basic price charts and position management tools that allows to acquire new options and control the open positions.

This platform also offers the following function which increases the chances of making money and reduces risk:

  • SellOption: This tool allows the trader to sell an option back to EZTrader at any time. SellOption, allows to sell an option before the designated expiration time in which case the trader can receive a payout based on current market conditions, helping you to maximize your position. 

-EZMobile: It is an application designed to access the account and trade with binary option from any smartphone like the iPhone or any Android-powered device. This trading platform includes updated quotes, free charts and a large selection of global assets.

Demo Account

For the moment, this broker does not offer a demo account, however the opening of the real account is free.

Payment Options

The client can deposit and withdrawal funds through Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card and Debit Card.

Main Advantages of EZTrader

  • EZTrader offers regular bonuses for opening a trading account and deposit of funds
  • Good customer service by e-mail, telephone and chat in the website of the company.
  • The client can trade with binary options based on a lot of instruments for trading.
  • If the trade is “out the money” (if the prediction  of the trader is not correct), the trader will get a 15% refund from EZTrader.
  • The regular trading platform of this broker is an intuitive an easy to use application.
  • Also, this broker offers mobile trading through an application called EZMobile. 
  • This broker offers basic trading education through its website.
  • No commissions for trading.
  • EZTrader offers the possibility to earn money promoting its services as a broker through an affiliate program called Option affiliates owned by the same company and the affiliate program among other

Main Brokers Offers

EZTrader offers regular bonuses for the opening of real trading accounts and funds deposits.


Company EZTrader
Minimum account size 100 US Dollars.
Minimum transaction size 30 US Dollars.
Maximun transaction size. The maximum amount per trade is $1500.
Link to the website EZTrader Website
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