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Broker eToro

Type of Company: eToro is a social trading network with its own trading platform.

Country of origin: Cyprus with presence in other countries.

Regulation: Etoro is regulated by CySEC of Cyprus (License Number 109/10) a financial regulatory agency that works according to the rules of MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) in Europe. It also has a licence of the FCA (Financial Conduct Autorithy), the primary regulator of financial services in the UK.

Trading Platform: It has a web-based trading platform (no download or installation isrequired) through which the client can operate in the market or execute the transactions of signal providers selected through eToro Openbook. It also has an application designed for mobile devices.

Year in which it began operations: 2006.

Support: Telephone, e-mail and chat.

Demo Account: Yes

Minimum deposit: $ 50.

Leverage: Variable up to 1:400.

Hedging: Yes.

Scalping: No.

Market Order: Yes.

Trailing Stop Order: Yes.

Stop Order: Yes.

Limit Order: Yes

24 hour trading: Yes

Phone: 34-91-187-7615 to contact its offices in Spain.

Special Bonus: Up to $1,000 with the first deposit by the client in the trading account.

Trading Competition: Not at the moment.

eToro Review

eToro is a social trading network which began operations in Cyprus and specializes in trading with currency pairs (Forex), commodities and indices. Currently the company has presence in several countries around the world, including Cyprus, UK, Spain, USA and Australia among others. eToro has thousands of customers worldwide and is one of the most successful companies in the sector thanks to the many services offered related to social  trading, which offer the opportunity to invest in the markets in a simple way and without any complications, unlike other similar companies, which make trading a much more complex experience.

eToro is properly registered and regulated by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, license number 109/10) of Cyprus and the FCA (Financial Conduct Autorithy) in the UK, two of the main financial regulatory agencies in Europe and worldwide . With this regulation, eToro customers has more security regarding the management of their funds and the legality of the practices of this company, especially those related to trading in the markets.

EToro customers have the possibility to trade with the following financial assets:

  • Forex Market: 20 currency pairs in the spot forex market, from the most important as the EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY to other more exotic.
  • Commodities: Gold, silver and crude oil in the spot market. These are the most important commodities traded in the market.
  • Stock Indices: The major stock indices in the market including the S&P500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones and others.
  • Stocks: Eight of the most important stocks in the North American market, such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and others.

Trading account opening with eToro

eToro is characterized by providing a simple and complete service to their clients, so the process of opening a trading account with this company is both fast and simple because it only requires that the potential customer completes a form on the company´s website or register through Facebook, Twitter or Linkdln. In this case, the activation of trading account occurs almost immediately and the investor can start investing in the market through the broker´s platforms upon the deposit of the funds needed.


The minimum amount to start trading or investing in the market with eToro is $ 50. The methods accepted by this company for the deposit and withdrawal of funds from the accounts are:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit card.
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill (MoneyBookers)
  • WebMoney
  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram

Deposits can be made in U.S. dollars, euros and British pounds.

Website and customer service of eToro

eToro has a fairly comprehensive website which is characterized by being both simple and user friendly. This site is translated into several languages ​​including English and Spanish, and provides extensive information on this company, including data on the regulation, trading platforms, trading conditions, social trading services to its customers, contact information, promotions for new and regular customers, education options for the trader, additional services, means for the deposit and withdrawal of funds and other similar aspects.


As for customer service, is one of the main virtues of eToro. First, this company has customer service offices located in various countries, such as Spain, the U.S. and Australia, which means it can handle inquiries from most of its customers regardless of their origin. Second, this broker have several means of contact for both regular customers and visitors of its website, such as email, phone call and chat live on company´s site which operates 24 hours a day. eToro has support staff that speaks Spanish which allows it to serve customers in Spain and Latin America.

EToro Trading Accounts

For regular customers, eToro provides a single type of trading account which includes all the services designed by the company such as:

  • Full access to various trading platforms of eToro.
  • Full access to social trading services, including the social network platform for traders eToro Openbook.
  • Access to various educational resources on the market.
  • Access to the different promotions that this company offers to its customers.

Premium Investor of etoro

However, for customers who have a total amount of funds in their account equal or greater than $20,000 or who have deposited at least $20,000 over a period of 12 months, eToro offers a special type of account known as Premium Investor . These special accounts offer the following benefits:

  • Historical simulation of investment.
  • Premium client service.
  • Complete analysis of the investment allocation made by the customer.
  • Advanced Search of Gurus (signal providers).
  • Investment Coupons (bonuses).
  • Social Introductory Kit.
  • Periodic analysis of the investment portfolio.
  • Regular analyzes of trends and sentiment of traders that operate in the market with eToro.
  • Premium network through a closed Google+ group.
  • Private sessions (Webinars, hangouts).
  • Business building seminars.
  • Others.

EToro trading platforms

eToro has the following trading platforms interconnected with its social service trading which have the following characteristics:


-etoro Webtrader: A web-based trading platform (no download or installation required) which offers the ability to trade with currency pairs (Forex), commodities, indices and stocks from anyplace with free Internet.This gives eToro customers greater flexibility in their operations in the market. Webtrader has a user friendly interface which includes advanced trading tools presented in a simple and effective way, so that this application can be used even by novice investors with little experience in financial markets. It has advanced price charts, technical indicators incorporated, various types of orders. real time quotes, market news and even interactive chats for the trader. Furthermore, eToro WebTrader automatically synchronizes with the specialized platform eToro OpenBook social trading, which allows the trader to manage their entire social trading activity through this online trading platform.


-eToro Openbook: It is a web based application which specializes in social trading and is designed for both investors interested in the financial markets like Forex and expert traders who want to take advantage of their expertise and knowledge to get an extra benefit from their market transactions. Through this application, the clients can contact thousands of beginners and professionals traders of eToro from around the world with which they can share experiences and knowledge about the market. It also has several tools to trade with currency pairs, commodities, indices and stocks. The main advantage of eToro Openbook is that it has a function called CopyTrader through which is possible to follow and copy the trades of any trader registered on eToro Openbook that operates in the market using this platform. In this way, the client can copy the transactions made by the most successful traders of this network (known as Gurus) for traders (you can select the desired signal providers) using the capital deposited in the trading account. You can learn more about this platform through the following link: It is an application integrated with eToro Openbook which is designed to allow the most successful eToro traders increase the profitability of its operations in the market. Through this application, the trader can offer services as an investor in the financial markets in an environment with a similar style of online shopping, so he/she can get a percentage of the profits made by eToro through the spread with customers that follow and copy the trades. pages offer traders the opportunity to promote their services outside the community of eToro which can significantly increase their earnings potential.


-Platforms for mobile devices: eToro has several applications designed specifically for mobile devices which allow access to the trading account and the various social trading applications like eToro OpenBook and CopyTrader from different mobile devices like the iPhone, the iPad and smartphones based in Android technology. The two platforms of its kind offered by eToro are:

  • eToro Android App: It is an app that offers access to eToro OpenBook, eToro Webtrader and eToro Demo from any device based on Android technology. It also includes quotes and market news in real time, various types of orders to trade in the market and the full history of all transactions.
  • eToro Mobile Trader: A web-based application designed to access all eToro services (including the social network for traders eToro OpenBook) from any mobile device including smartphones and tablets. Through this application, the trader can use all the features of eToro Openbook, including monitoring and copying the operations of selected Gurus.

Social trading service of eToro

To access the social trading services of eTorothe investor must complete the following procedure:

  • Open a trading account with eToro. Once the account is activated, the client will have access to all services of the company, including the use of trading platforms and various social trading applications such as eToro Openbook.
  • Through eToro Openbook the customer can contact with thousands of registered traders who have an account with eToro and regularly trades in the market through this company. This allows to share knowledge and experiences with successful traders who have years of experience in the market.
  • eToro Openbook lets you check the performance of all affiliated traders, so that the customer can see which are the most successful trading strategies. In this case, the platform displays the following data for each trader:
    • Risk level of the trading strategy.
    • Percentage gain since the trader began trading in the market with eToro.
    • Yield in every week.
    • Percentage of profitable weeks.
    • Maximum  loss in one week.
    • Complete history of trades performed.
    • Percentage of winning trades and losing trades.
    • Performance during last week, last month, the previous three months, the last six months and the past twelve months. At the same time it presents the maximum weekly loss during these periods.
    • Open positions.
    • Percentage of buying and selling possitions.
    • Average length of transactions.
    • Investment portfolio with the list of financial instruments in which the trader has traded. For each instrument it shows the percentage of trades performed in each one.
    • Number of follower investors.
    • Number of copiers investors.
  • With eToro OpenBook data, the client can use the application application CopyTrader to select the most successful traders who considers appropriate and in accordance with its investment objectives, to follow and copy their trades. There is no limit on the number of signal providers that you can follow.
  • If the client decides only to follow the selected traders (signal providers), he/she can see all the details of the transactions made ​​by them.  In this case the investor has the ability to copy manually the transactions made by the signal providers.
  • If the client decides to copy the trades of the chosen traders, whenever they open a position in the market, this transaction is copied and executed exactly in the follower´s trading account using his/her capital. All the copy process and execution of trading signals generated by the signal providers is done automatically and therefore it does not require direct intervention by the investor.
  • The customer can check daily and in real-time the trades performance of the trading signals providers. If you think that one of the chosen traders has a poor performance and is causing losses you can stop following and copying his trades immediately without any cost.
  • Through eToro Openbook, the only work of the investor is to check the performance of the selected signal providers, delete the traders or Gurus that are causing losses and regularly monitor the losses/profits from all transactions that follow and copy in the trading account.

Advantages and additional services of eToro

The main advantages and additional services of eToro for customers are:

  • eToro is a company duly registered and regulated by some of the most important financial regulators globally such as FCA of UK and CySEC from Cyprus.
  • On a regular basis, this company offers promotions for its customers, including bonuses for opening a trading account and deposit funds.
  • It is a company that specializes in providing social trading services to its clients.
  • eToro has one of the best social networks for traders, known as eToro OpenBook, which has the great advantage that its members can follow and copy the trades of successful and experienced traders in the market in a quickly and simply way, through the application CopyTrader.
  • It features a number of educational resources for the client which focuses on the Forex market, its social trading services and general trading. These resources include the following:
    • Free Live Webinars.
    • A free trading course and quite complete, which can be accessed through the eToro website. It consists mainly of video tutorials.
    • Free education on the market and trading in the financial markets through articles on the website.
    • Videos on social services eToro trading.
    • A complete educational blog on the market.
  • eToro has an excellent support service to their customers.
  • A debit card (Payoneer eToro) through which the customerscan withdraw their earnings from any ATM worldwide.
  • Through the program Social Guru Trader of eToro, successful traders with experience in the markets can get additional benefits by allowing their transactions being followed and copied by other investors who have an account with this company. Through eToro OpenBook and CopyTrader, traders who participate in the Social Guru Trader program can significantly increase their profits to a level even higher than that produced directly by their transactions in the market, especially if they have a lot of followers and copiers.
  • eToro offers several applications designed to offer direct access to its different applications for social trading, trading platforms and client accounts from any mobile device. Through these applications, the clients can log into their accounst, trade the market and access eToro Openbook.
  • This company offers the opportunity to earn money by promoting its services through various affiliate programs including Empiremoney.

You can learn more about the social trading  services of eToro and open a trading account through the following links:


-Social Investment Network eToro

Social trading with eToro


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