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Review of the Binary Options Broker Empireoption

Empireoption is a binary options broker founded in 2011 which offers interesting features such as custom binary options created by the same trader. This broker allows to trade with various types of binary options based on many underlying assets such as currency pairs (Forex), stocks and indices of various markets and commodities. It has a web based trading platform which include different trading functions such as the Double Up and Rollover features.

Type of Broker

Empireoption is a Binary Options Broker

Country of origin

The headquarters of this company are located in Uruguay.


No information about it.

Underlying Assets

EmpireOption offers the possibility to trade with Binary Options based on the following 52 underlying assets:

  • Forex Market: 12 different currency pairs, including the most important such as the EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY and other more exotic like the USD/ZAR.
  • Indices 22 of the most important stock indices of the market. Among the indices offered by Empireoption, the trader has the possibility to trade with options based on the S&P 500, Dow Jones, FTSE 100, Hang Seng, CAC 40 and Bombay SE among other.
  • Commodities: Gold, silver, platinum and oil (Light Sweet Crude), four of the most important and traded commodities in the market.
  • Stocks: 14 of the most important stocks from the US market, the european market and the asian market, including Apple, Google, BAE Systems, and Tata Motors among other.

Types of Binary Options

Empireoption offers the possibility to trade with the following types of binary options:

  • Above/Below Binary Options: This is the most common and traded type of binary option thanks to its simplicity and the high and fast income that it offers. In this case, the trader only has to determine if the price of the underlying asset is going to be up or down once the option expires. The expiration period of the options offered by Empireoption is 1 hour.
  • One Touch Binary Options: In this type of option, the trader must determine if the underlying asset price is going to touch or not a particular price level before the end of the expiration period of the option. The maturity of One Touch options can last several days, so they offer a higher yield (up to 500% of the option inversion) compared to the Above/Below options.
  • 60 Seconds Options: These are Above/Below binary options which have an expiration period of just 60 seconds. For this reason, these options  are ideal for traders interested in taking advantage of the market micro-movements which occur many times a day.
  • Custom Options *: EmpireOption has a unique tool among the Binary Options broker. This funtion included in the trading plataform is called "Option Builder" and it offers the possibiliy to design and customize the Binary Options with which the client trade,  so the trader can customize its trades by selecting different combinations of variables. In this way the traders can create an ideal option that is completely adapted to their trading strategy. To use this function, the client should take the following steps:
  1. Select the underlying asset.
  2. Choosing the expiration period of the option.
  3. Choosing between the different values of benefits and risks offered by EmpireOption, selecting one that best suits the traderr's preference.

*The performance offered by the custom options depends on the combinations of variables selected by the trader.

Payments Offered by Empireoption

-If the call or put options expires "In the money", Empireoption pay from 70%-85% of the contract inversion for the Above/Below options. For One Touch options, the payment can be up to 500% of the option inversion.
-If the option expires "Out the money", Empireoption allows the trader to recover 10% of the investment to avoid a total loss.

Trading Accounts

Empireoption offers one trading account that allow to trade with Above/Below Binary options of 1 hour and One Touch options based on all the underlying assets mentionated above. The opening of this account is free and the trader must deposit funds only when he is going to trade with options. However, depending on the amount deposited, the trader has access to the following memberships:

-Bronze: Deposit of $ 200 – $ 999. The trader has access to relevant news that may affect the market price movements. They also have access to financial weekly analysis and a basic instructive to learn how to trade with binary options. The minimum withdrawal is $100 with a minimum number of operations to withdrawal of 10.

-Silver: Deposit of $ 1000 – $ 9999. In this case the trader has access to the same features offered by the previous package. However, it offers daily financial analysis and a intermediate instructive about binary options trading. Also, Empireoption offers a personal account executive who will guide the customer throughout the process from the account oppening. The minimum withdrawal is $100 with a minimum number of operations to withdrawal of 7.

-Gold: Deposit of + $10,000. This type of membership offers all the benefits of Silver membership, including a Personal Account Executive. Besides this, EmpireOption offers the trader the opportunity to trade by phone and offers an advanced instructive to learn how to trade with binary options. The minimum withdrawal is $1 with a minimum number of operations to withdrawal of 5.

Trading Platform

This broker has a web based and easy to use trading plataform with all the funtions and tools need it to trade with Binary Options. This application can be accessed through the company´s website from any place with Internet connection. With this plataform, the client has the possibility to request additional underlying assets and investment tools to develop the most appropriate trading strategy. This application offers the following tools:

  • Option Builder: It allows to design custom options.
  • Double Up: With this tool the trader can double its position.
  • RollOver: This funtion allows to extend the period of an option.

Demo Account

It offers a demo account for limited time.

Payment Options

-The client can deposit and withdrawal funds by Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card (the most important like Mastercard and VISA), Skrill (Moneybookers) and Payza.

Main Advantages of Empireoption

  • Empireoption offers the possibility to open a demo account with no limit of time.
  • This company offers bonus for real trading account opening regularly. Also, there are bonuses packages for regular clients.
  • Empireoption has a good customer service through e-mail, telephone and chat in the website of the company. This chat can be accessed 24 hours a day.
  • This broker offers a lot of underlying assets to trade with Binary Options, such as currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities.
  • The trading accounts can be opened in euros and US dollars.
  • Empireoption offers the "Double Up" tool which allows the trader the possibility to double its position. If an option is close to its expiration and the trader believes that the predictions about the price behavior will be fullfilled, this broker gives the opportunity to purchase a new option with the same conditions but taking the current price of the underlying active. With this, the trader can increase its investment allowing this to duplicate the earnings if the options expire "In The Money".
  • Another tool is the "Roll Over", which offers the client the possibility to extend the period of expiration of an option that has the potential to cause losses. This allows the trader to increase the chances of an option to ends "In The Money", especially in those cases where he believes the market will move in the direction predicted within the extended time interval. With this tool the clients can maximize their profits, especially during those periods when the market makes temporary countertrend movements.
  • The trading plataform of Empireoption is a web based and easy to use application.
  • No commisions and no fees of any kind.
  • This Binary Options broker offers a unique feature among companies of its kind, which is the possibility to create  custom options through the use of different combinations of variables (underlying assets, expiration periods, risk levels etc.).
  • Through its website, EmpireOption offers daily and weekly market analysis completely free.
  • The customers of Empireoption can get personal assistance from dedicated account managers whose role is to provide the necessary assistance, especially to novice traders with little knowledge of binary options.
  • Also, Empireoption offers one-to-one trading support and training to their clients. The free training/support  depends on the initial deposit levels.
  • A free trading signals and market analysis service for all its clients. 
  • It offers a trading contest with cash prizes for the 10 traders who obtain the best performance. This competition is called Traders Race.
  • Empireoption offers the possibility to earn money by promoting its services as a Binary Options broker through an associated affiliate program called EmpireMoney.

Main Brokers Offers

Empireoption offers interesting bonuses for new and regular clients. These bonuses depends on the amount of money deposited by the clients in their accounts. Currently it offers a 25% bonus for every deposit made by the client.


Company Empireoption is property of the company Lubona Enterprises Ltd
Minimum account size The minimum deposit to start trading with Empireoption is 100 dollars or euros, depending on the currency chosen by the client  to open the trading account. The maximum account deposit is 5000 dollars, euros or sterling pounds.
Minimum transaction size 10 US dollars/euros.
Maximun transaction size. 2500 US dollars/euros.
Link to the website Empireoption Website
Open an account binary options broker Empireoption



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3 comments to Binary Options Broker Empireoption

  • Michael Llamas

    Does EmpireOption allow deposits and withdrawals through Alertpay?


    Hello!!! I am in EmpireOption since 2012 and has operated the platform since 2013. What happens is that I have done several investments (deposits) and only just recently I got success to do some looting recovering part of my investments. My last withdrawal request was held on 12.17.2015, where my withdrawal request lies Pending (Pending) so far. My account Plus and looting takes 5 business days to fall in my Neteller account. However it’s been more than 5 business days and so far nothing. The worst part is unresponsive my
    e-mails and I must say that I know very well its organization. Policies, statutes and Privacy. I know I’m able to get this money belongs to me. I made a request for 1,000 Euros and I will not give up fighting for my statements that I have in Empire Option. I studied and worked hard to get here and have this return. Final thoughts, do not operate in EMPIRE OPTION (LUBONA EMPOPT). Not deposit your money in it. If the company wants me to stop talking these true facts, to pay me as soon as possible.

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