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Useful Forex Trading Tools

Experience is a guarantee of successful trading outcomes. Though when you are just starting, or want to understand the peculiarities of the market and exercise all possible resources for your improvement, you need to pay attention to trading tools which will bring you only benefits. The most appealing advantage of these tools is that they save your time! Let us go through three reputable useful tools to enhance your trading performance level, save time and increase profitability.

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Bank transfer for the deposit of funds in trading accounts

Bank wire transfer in Forex brokers

Wire transfer is one of the most used methods by online brokers (Forex, CFD, binary options, etc.) to manage funds of their clients trading accounts, either for the deposit of funds in the accounts or as a means for withdrawal the profits generated by the traders in their transactions.

When the customer transfers or receives money through wire transfer has the advantage of maintaining full control of your money. In fact, many people

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How to start trading Forex?

To trade Forex you need to have a strategy to take advantage of the rapid changes and market conditions. There is no short way to develop a strategy because it is necessary to test it in different situations. This means that every trader must invest considerable time analyzing charts, reading news and keeping updated with the economic announcements.

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Bitcoin transactions and consumer privacy

Bitcoin is often associated with improvements in the privacy of their users over other traditional means of payment, like credit cards for example. One of the main features is that bitcoin transactions are peer-to-peer, without intermediaries, without going through any financial institution that receive and store customer information and data about their transactions. But this does not mean that Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, in fact, all Bitcoin transactions are traceable.

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Japan Tankan Survey

What is the Tankan survey?

It is an economic survey of Japanese business which is conducted by the Bank of Japan (BoJ), the country's central bank, which uses the results to formulate monetary policy in Japan. The report is published four times a year in April, July, October and mid-December.

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How can I learn to maximize profits and minimize my losses?

There are certain facts that have remained strong in recent years in connection with trading. Experienced and successful traders point out that, despite being able to develop trading strategies with high probability of success that allow them to enter the market at the right time through their systems signals they almost never close a position  in the optimal moment.


Close the trades at the right time

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Why include gold in your portfolio?

Gold as an investment, is one of the most difficult to anticipate, predict and understand assets. As a commodity, its price can vary rapidly due to events over which no one has control. So why gold should be in your portfolio? Investors use gold as an investment for different reasons. Some use the precious metal as a hedge against inflation, others as a hedge against a falling dollar and there are those who use it as a

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Economic Keys to Year 2014

We started the year with a special report anticipating how 2014 will be for the world economy and financial markets. The Federal Reserve surprised everyone when it decided to cut its bond-buying program. The market expected the event to occur much later.


Economic Keys to Year 2014

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