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Binary Options Trading With Instaforex


The Forex broker InstaForex which is operating since 2007, currently allows its clients to trade with binary options based on 11 currency pairs of the Forex market. In this case, the traders do not need to open an additional account to trade with this instrument, because they can do it directly from their current account. The conditions offered by the broker to trade with options are:

  • The minimum transaction size is $ 1 while the maximum transaction size is $ 1000.
  • The platform provides price charts with different time frames for each option.
  • The options trading involve contracts that guarantee fast and high earnings. The yield per option is calculated by multiplying its value by 1.8.
  • In this case the contract is equal to the value of the option and because it is a binary option the trader can not lose an amount higher than their initial investment. If the option expires "In The Money", the investment is returned with the profit.
  • If the option expires "Out The Money", the maximum loss is the value of the option.
  • As binary options, the important thing is to predict the direction of market movement and not its magnitude. Every movement of the underlying asset (currency pair on which the option is based) can provide income even if this movement is minimal.
  • No limit to the number of trades per day. As long as the conditions for each option are met, the transaction is valid and can produce profits depending on market movement.

The trader can find in the client´s platform the statistics for each finished trade and each option that is still active so that the trader can follow them completely.

If you want more information about the binary options trading service offered by InstaForex you can access its website through this link:

-Forex Binary Options with Instaforex


Trade indices Online with iTRader

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