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Review of the broker Optionweb

Review of the Binary Options Broker Optionweb

Optionweb is a regulated binary options broker from Europe which is specialized on various types of options based in different kinds of underlyng assets, such as Forex (currency pairs), stock indices, stocks of different markets and commodities like gold, silver and platinum. This broker was founded in 2012 and offers various types of binary options through a web based trading platform.

Type of Broker 

Optionweb is a Binary Options Broker.

Country of origin

The main offices of this company are located in Cyprus and it has offices in other countries like United Kingdom.


This broker is regulated by CySEC in Cyprus. License number 175/12.

Underlying Assets 

Currently, this broker offers the possibility to operate with options based on the following financial assets:

  • Forex Market: 13 currency pairs in the Forex market, including the most important as the EUR/ USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and USD/CHF among others.
  • Commodities: 7 of the most important and traded commodities in the market like gold and silver.
  • Stock Indices: 25 major stock global indexes of the main stock markets, such as the S&P 500, Dow Jones, FTSE 100, CAC 40, Nikkei 225 and S 180.
  • Stocks: 20 of the most important stocks worldwide, including IBM, Coca Cola, Google, Apple, BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, Reuters, Tata Motors, Gazprom and Lukoil among others.

Types of Binary Options

The customers of this broker can trade with the following types of binary options:

  • Traditional binary options (High/Low): It is the most common and popular kind of binary option thanks to the fast and high profits that it offers and its relative operational simplicity compared to other financial instruments. In these options, the trader must predict whether the price of the underlying will finish above or below the opening price of the position after ending the contract expiration period. Usually the High/Low options offered by Optionweb to its customers have a maturity of 1 hour, however, the investor also can speculate with options that have shorter or extended maturities from 1 minute to several months.
  • One Touch Binary Options: This is a more complex type of binary options as it has different features compared to High/Low options. In this case the trader must predict whether the underlying price will reach or not a specific price level or barrier before the option expiration. These options are a type of barrier option in which the option is exercised immediately at the time when the price reaches or exceeds the barrier, even though the expiration period has not expired. Usually One Touch options have a maturity longer than the High/Low options and offer a performance up to 500% in the case of this broker.  
  • Custom Binary Options: These are binary options in which the trader can specify the main parameters of the trade, as the underlying asset, the maturity period, the transaction level risk and performance or gain if the option expires In The Money. Basically, these are High/Low options created by the traders according to their requirements and trading strategies, which gives them a higher level of flexibility.
  • Pair Binary Options: It is a relatively new type of binary option in which the trader speculates about the performance of a financial asset compared to another, as may be the case of a stock of a specific sector against another stock in the same sector. Two examples of pairs of assets to trade with these options are Apple vs Facebook and Silver vs Gold.
  • 60 Seconds binary options: High/Low binary options that have a maturity of only 60 seconds. For this reason, these options are ideal for fast transactions and take advantage of market price micromovements in volatile instruments such as Forex, oil or gold for example.
-CFD on Forex: Optionweb also offers CFD contracts on currency pairs through its trading platform. Thus, the trader can make speculative operations with currency pairs like those offered by Forex brokers.

Payments Offered by Optionweb

The performance offered by this broker for binary options that expire In The Money (winning trades) is the following:

  • High/Low Binary options: The performance is 70% to 89% of the capital invested by the trader in the option.
  • One Touch Binary Options: The performance is 100% to 500% of the capital invested by the trader in the option.
  • Pair options:  The return is 70% to 89% of the capital invested by the trader in the option.

-For losing trades (binary options tha expire Out ​​The Money), Optionweb allows the trader to recover between 0-10% of the capital invested in the transaction. This limit the impact of losses in the customer’s account.

Trading Accounts

The types of trading accounts offered by this broker to its clients are:



COMBINED PAYMENTS From 200€ to 1000€ From 1000€ to 3000€ From 3000€ to 10000€ From 10000€ to 50000€ From 50000€ to 200000€
Options yield up to 83% 83% 83% 88% 88%
Free trade up to 50€ 100€ 300€ 500€ 2500€
Assets available more than 80 120 180 200 200
Withdrawal delay up to 5 5 2 1 1
Monthly interest rate No No 3.50% 5.20% 5.50%
Specific Advantages No No No Higher profits Direct line to analyst, free iPad
EBooks Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalized training Yes Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Expert
Demo Account No 2 weeks 1 month Unlimited Unlimited
Daily review Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Economic indicators No Si Si Si Si
Economic Calendar Si Si Si Si Si
OW graphic analysis Si Si Si Si Si
Trading signals No No Yes Yes Yes
Number of analysis assistance hours per chat/week 4 6 8 10 Unlimited
Trading coaching sessions/month up to No 2 5 10 Upon request


Trading Platform

Optionweb has two online trading platforms which require no download or installation. These applications offer the following features:

-Trading platform based on SpotOption (version 2): Today is one of the most complete applications to trade with binary options. It has a simple and user friendly interface, which is designed so that it can be used without any problem even for novice investors. This platform includes several trading tools such as price charts, updated quotes and positions management funtions. The trader can select the underlying asset, the type of option (call or put) and the investment amount. It has a module that allows trades with CFD based on currency pairs.

Optionweb main platform includes the following additional tools:

  • Double Up: If an option is close to maturity and for the moment is In The Money, and the trader believes that the market will continue in the same predicted direction, then he has the possibility of duplicating the operation by using the Double Up funtion. Through this tool, the investor creates a new transaction or position with the same conditions, but for the current price of the asset. Thus, it is possible to increase the investment in open positions, duplicate benefits once both options expire and capitalize immediately on a strong position.
  • Roll Over: It is a feature that allows to postpone the maturity of a binary option. It is a useful tool when the market moves against the trader and it seems that the option will expire Out The Money. By extending the expiration period using the Rollover funtion, the trader increases the possibilities that the option expires In The Money. The Rollover can be used up to 10 minutes prior to the option expiration and requires an additional investment of 30% of theinitially invested capital (at the same time the operation performance is increased by 30%).
  • Options Builder: It is a function that allows the traders to create their own binary options (custom options) according to their requirements. In this case the operator can establish the main features of the option including the underlying asset, the expiry time of the option (within a period of 1-24 hours), the amount to be invested in the trade and the option risk level. This allows to set the expected return if the option expire "In The Money".

Demo Account

It offers a demo account with no limit of time.

Payment Options

Investors who have an account with Optionweb can deposit and withdrawal funds through the following payment options: Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card (the most important like Mastercard and VISA), Skrill and Neteller.

The deposits can be made both in Euros, Pounds and US Dollars.

Additional advantages of Optionweb


The main advantages and additional services offered by this broker to its clients are:

  • Optionweb is a binary options broker properly regulated (CySEC in Cyprus).
  • This broker offers regular promotions to their customers, mainly in the form of bonuses for the deposit of funds or risk-free trades.
  • Optionweb customers can operate with customized binary options.
  • The trading platform of the broker allows to extend the maturity of a binary option and duplicate a winning trade.
  • This broker offers an online trading platform based on SpotOption.
  • Daily market analysis by experts.
  • Market news updates.
  • No direct charges for transactions of their clients.
  • Optionweb provides basic education about binary options through its website.
  • This broker has a trading signals service for clients with Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts.
  • A demo account for a period of 2 weeks onwards depending on the account type selected by the trader.
  • This company offers a monthly interest rate on capital deposited by customers ranging from 3.5% to 5.50% per month.
  • Customized training for the trader through various packages (Level 1 to Expert).
  • Weekly market analysis assistance through live chat.
  • Training one to one (coaching trading sessions).
  • Support 24 hours a day.
  • This broker offers the opportunity to earn money by promoting its services as broker through the affiliate program Binary Offers.

Main Broker Offers

It currently has a promotion that consists of 1 risk free trade for new customers.

Company Lionsman Capital Markets Ltd.
Minimum account size The minimum deposit to start trading with Optionweb is $200 euros.

Minimum transaction size 

25 US dollars/euros.

Maximum transaction size

1000 US dollars/euros.

Link to the website 

Open an account


Optionweb - Regulated binary options broker




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