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Avatrade - Forex broker review

Avatrade-Broker Review

AvaTrade is a recommended market maker Forex broker that offer many trading instruments for its clients including Forex, commodities, CFD, gold, silver, grains and others.It is one of the main brokers in the sector and is regulated by financial regulators such as ASIC of Australia. This company was founded in 2006.

Type of broker

AvaTrade is a Market Maker Broker.


This broker is properly registered in Ireland as a licensed investment firm (Reference No: C53877) and is fully regulated by the Central Bank Of Ireland.

As a registered and regulated investment company AvaTrade cumplies with all regulations of MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive), an European Union law that provides harmonized regulation for investment services in all Europe.

Also, AvaTrade is licensed by the following financial regulators:

  • ASIC (Licence No. 406684) of Australia.
  • FSA (License No. 1662) of Japan.

Country of origin

The headquarters of AvaTrade are located in Ireland but it has offices in other countries like Australia and Japan.

Trading Instruments

AvaTrade allows to trade with the following instruments:

  • Forex market: More than 40 currency pairs in the spot market, from the most important like the EUR/USD and the USD/JPY to other most exotic like the USD/MXN.
  • Commodities: The most traded commodities in the market like oil, gold, silver, grains and others in the spot market and through CFD.
  • Forex Options: OTC Vanilla Call and Put options (conventional options) based on more than 30 currency pairs
  • Contrats For Diference*CFD based on the following underlying instruments:
    • Commodities like oil, heating oil, gold, platinum, soybean, wheat, gasoline and other.
    • The major government bonds including 5 Year US T-NOTES, 10 Year US T-NOTES, GILT LONG and EURO-BUND among other.
    • The main stock indices including the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, CAC 40, DAX 30, FTSE 100 and Nikkei 225 among other.
    • The main stocks of the US and European market including Coca Cola, Exxon Mobil, Google, Bayer and Siemens among other.

*The trading conditions for CFD depends on the underlying asset of the contract.

Trading Accounts

AvaTrade has four types of service packages with different features designed for clients with different profiles.

  • Silver Account: It requires a minimum deposit of $100. This is the basic service package of AvaTrade and it was designed primarily for novice traders with little experience in the market. It offers daily market analysis for free, online courses, free video tutorials, margin protection plan, a senior account analyst, mobile trading and more..
  • Gold Account:This package requires a minimum deposit of $1000. The Gold package was designed for more experienced traders and it offers extra services for the clients including daily market analysis for free, online courses, free video tutorials, margin protection plan, a senior account analyst, mobile trading, market analysis and daily signals by Trading Central, breaking news to mobile and more.
  • Platinum Account: This service package requires a minimum deposit of $10000. The platinum package was designed for professional traders and it offers extra services for the clients including daily market analysis for free, online courses, free video tutorials, margin protection plan, a senior account analyst, mobile trading, market analysis and daily signals by Trading Central, breaking news to mobile and access to the dealing room of AvaTrade among other.
  • Ava Select: It requires a minimum deposit of $100 000. This service package is specially designed for big investors and professional traders. It offers many extra services for the clients including daily market analysis for free, online courses, free video tutorials, margin protection plan, a dedicated account analyst, mobile trading, market analysis and daily signals by Trading Central, breaking news to mobile and access to the dealing room of AvaTrade, flexible trading conditions and special premium gifts.

*Regardless of the type of account,all clients of AvaTrade can use any trading platform offered by this broker.

-This broker is associated with the company Zulutrade, one of the most consolidated in the field of Forex Autotrading. Thus, the clients of AvaTrade has the option to trade in the market using trading signals that are automatically executed in their accounts through the main platforms of the company. These signals are generated by real traders associated with Zulutrade, among which we find real professional traders in the market. The customer can choose the signal providers that he considers most profitable, integrate his account with Zulutrade and allows the automatic execution of the trading signals produced by these providers through the trading platform.

Social Trading with Avatrade

AvaTrade offers its customers the ability to connect their trading accounts with the social networks for traders Ayondo and Currensee. These social networks have thousands of members from all over the world. Thanks to this, AvaTrade customers can contact professional traders with years of experience in financial markets. Also, these sites allow real-time viewing of all trades carried out by the affiliated traders, so that the AvaTrade client can follow all market transactions made by successful traders. In general terms the major benefits Ayondo and Currensee are the following:

  • These social networks allow to visualize the operations performed by all members (traders). This is an excellent opportunity to see what are doing the most experienced traders under the current market conditions.At the same time this allows to have a general idea of the prevailing sentiment in the market as traders can check how many members of these networks have opened long positions or short positions at any given moment.
  • AvaTrade customers can follow in real time the operations performed by selected traders according to their trading strategy and performance in the market . In this case, both Ayondo and Currensee offer the ability to select one or more traders and copying their trades which are executed as automated trading signals in AvaTrade customer account. In both cases, these two social networks for traders allow to check the performance of all affiliated traders so that the member can select only the most profitable.

Demo Accounts

Yes, with no limit of time. This demo account comes with a virtual fund of $100 000.

Trading Platforms

This broker offers 8 different trading platforms with the following features:

  • Avatrader: It is a downloadable trading platform designed by the company which offers a lot of functions, including a customizable and easy to use interface, advanced charts with dozens of built-in technical indicators, real-time quotes, one click trading and others. AvaTrader allows the use of all types of orders to trade  in the market and is characterized by being easily adaptable to individual needs and preferences of each trader thanks to its interface that can be easily modified by the user.
  • Metatrader 4: This is one of the most comprehensive and used trading platforms in the Forex market sector. It is a downloadable application that offers multiple tools for market analysis, including advanced charts with dozens of built-in technical indicators among other technical analysis tools. Also, this platform allows the creation, evaluation and implementation of automated trading systems known as Expert Advisors, designed to trade automatically in the Forex market.
  • MT4 Floating Spreads: This platform is a version of Metatrader 4 and it was designed to trade with Forex, commodities, indices and equities based on the lowest interbank market prices (bid and ask) available at the moment the trader place and order, which are provided by AvaTrade liquidity providers, including some of the biggest banks of the world. This application offers the same features and advantages of the regular Metatrader 4 with the difference that the trader obtains dinamyc spreads in all trading assets as low as 0.9 pips
  • AvaOptions: It is a web-based trading platform designed to trade with OTC Forex options (Vanilla Call and Put Options) basad on more than 30 currency pairs over a range of expiries. This application has an user friendly interface which includes an Strategy Optimizer that allows the trader to design a complete strategy based on options. It also include a Risk Manager to analize the net risk of a portforlio and explore how different trades could impact a position. AvaTrade offers options with expiries from one day to one year. More information about this platform through the following link: 
  • AvaTrader Web: It is a web-based trading platform (it requires no download and installation) based on Avatrader, which can be used from anyplace with Internet connection. It offers basic features like real-time quotes, simple price charts and position management tools among others. This application was designed to provide full market access regardless of the location of the trader and allows to trade with more than 60 Forex pairs and 100+ CFD products.
  • Metatrader 4 Web: This platform is a web-based version of Metatrader 4 and it is designed to access the account and trade in the market from anyplace with an Internet connection. It has an intuitive and deeply customisable user interface with multiple features such as multiple charting options, instant trading with pending and stop orders and trailing stops, a Wide range of tools and analytical instruments and compatibility with automated trading systems.
  • Mirror Trader of AvaTrade: This is a web-based trading platform designed specifically for the manual, semi-automatic and automatic execution of trading signals generated byof automated trading systems (Forex autotrading) and real traders with years of experience in the market. This application includes various functions for the selection and efficient execution of hundreds of built-in trading systems which were designed by experts traders with years of experience in the market. These trading systems were designed mainly based on technical analysis indicators and allow to trade with currency pairs in the spot market, precious metals and CFD. Mirror Trader of AvaTrade was created in conjuntion with Tradency, one of the most important companies in the field of Forex autotrading
  • Mobile Trading: AvaTrade has several applications based in Avatrader and Metatrader 4 designed to manage the account and trade in the market through various mobile devices like the iPhone, Blackberry, smartphones, cell phones and others. These trading platforms offer basic features like real-time quotes, updated market news, basic charts and others. 

Payment Options

The clients of AvaTrade can deposit and withdraw funds through bank wire transfer, credit card (the most important like VISA and Mastercard), Paypal, Moneybookers, Neteller, Webmoney and Western Union.

Also, the client has the option to withdraw money through a debit card offered by AvaTrade called Ava Mastercard. This debit card was created by this broker in conjunction with Payoneer, a company property of Mastercard.

Main Advantages of AvaTrade

  • AvaTrade is a fully regulated Forex broker from Europe.
  • This broker offers several options of automated trading including its autotrading platform Mirror Trader of AvaTrade, Zulutrade and Metatrader 4 (Expert Advisors) among others.
  • The client of AvaTrade has access to updated market news.
  • This company offers free Forex education through its website using the following resources: free webinars, very complete Forex tutorials for novice and experienced traders, an Educational Center with the basics of Forex and other. It also has videos that teach the use of its main trading platform.
  • The website of AvaTrade offers free market analysis tools such as real time charts, an economic calendar, free market analysis and reviews and others.
  • A trading platform specifically designed to trade with Vanilla Forex options based on more than 30 currency pairs.
  • AvaTrade offers a free Forex ebook about Forex trading strategies created to teach how to trade in the market like a professional.
  • This broker offers a lot of extra benefits for customers with a Platinum and a VIP account. For VIP clients with a minimum deposit of $100 000 AvaTrade offers the Ava Select Package, which has more features including customized trading terms and benefits and tailored educational programs for example.
  • AvaTrade allows to earn money by promoting its services as a broker through an affiliate program of its property called Avapartners and other affiliate programs like Referpartners. The subscription to these programs is free.

Main Offers of AvaTrade

This broker offers regular bonuses packages for its clients up to $5000. The amount of these bonuses depend on the capital deposited by the client. For example, if the client make a deposit of $300 the bonus is $150 (50% bonus), but if the customer deposits $5000 the bonus is $1000 (20% bonus)

Other Categories of this broker

  • Gold Broker.
  • Silver Broker.
  • Oil Broker.
  • CFD Broker.
  • Metatrader 4 Broker.

Company AvaTrade (formerly AvaFX) is property of the company Ava Capital Markets LTD.
Minimum account size $100
Maximum leverage 1:400
Spreads It offers fixed and variable spreads from 0.9 pips for major currency pairs like the EUR/USD.
Link to website AvaTrade Website
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Avatrade - Forex regulated broker


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