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Affiliate Program UFXAffiliates


UFXAffiliates is an affiliate program dedicated to the promotion of the regulated Forex broker UFX (regulated by CySEC of Cyprus) through affiliates, which have at their disposal different advertising tools based on Internet  designed  by UFXAffiliates. The objective of this program is to promote the services of this broker and gain new customers. Thanks to their payment plans, UFXAffiliates is a good option for webmasters interested in the monetization of websites or blogs whose subject is directly related to Forex and financial markets in general.

Payment plans of UFXAffiliates

Currently, UFXAffiliates offers three commissions plans to their affiliates, which are detailed below:

  • CPA: This commission plan consist in a single fixed payment for each referred customer who opens a trading account with UFX and deposit funds. The amount of this payment depends on the number of traders referred by the affiliate.
  • Revenue Share: Through this option, the brokers UFX share a percentage of the income earned with  the traders referred by the affiliate. The advantage of this type of commission is that it gives the member the opportunity to earn an income for life with every referred customer, while they remain trading with any of these binary options brokers.
  • Hybrid: It is a combination of the previous two commission plans.

UFXAffiliates program registration

In this case, both the affiliation and the use of UFXAffiliates marketing tools are completely free. Likewise, it is not required that the affiliate opens a trading account with UFX to be accepted as in other similar programs, where the affiliates needs to open a trading account to get paid.

UFXAffiliates Promotional tools

In addition, UFXAffiliates offers a wide variety of marketing resources which facilitates the promotion of the brokers associated with this program and the acquisition of new customers to these companies. These tools can be used according to the needs and best criteria of the members, provided they do not violate any regulations of the company, including those related to spam for example.

The following are the most important promotional resources offered by this program:

  • Dozens of banners in GIF/JPEG format, which come in all sizes and in various languages, including English, French, Russian and Arabic. The affiliates have the option to include these banners in any section of their website. For this reason these are very effective tools to promote the brokers associated with the program.
  • Different tools for email marketing such as email templates which can help the affiliate to refer more traders.
  • Many landing pages which serves to direct visitors directly to different sections of the website of the UFX, such as home page or the section where the visitor can opens a demo account.
  • UFXAffiliates can also offer different widgets, such as customized Forex charts, signals, currency converters and more.

* Note: These marketing tools can not be used  to send unsolicited electronic advertising, or spam (unwanted and invasive advertising) which is prohibited by this affiliate program and may result in immediate account suspension with no right to demand payment of commissions.

Subaffiliate program of UFXAffiliates

An additional advantage of UFXAffiliates is that it offers its members the possibility to profit by recommending the program itself to other entrepreneurs who have  interest in making money through the promotion of a regulated Forex broker such as UFX. In this way, through its sub-affiliate program, UFXAffiliates allows their affiliates to receive 10% of the monthly income earned by their referrals by promoting this broker.

In summary, this affiliate program offers the following opportunities:

  1. Make money promoting the services of the Forex broker UFX.
  2. Make money promoting the same program UFXAffiliates.

Summary of the main features of UFXaffiliates

The following is a summary of the main features of this affiliate program:



Year of fundation 2014
Promoted Broker
  • UFX
User Panel to control the account Yes.
Updated and comprehensive reporting of statistics (traffic, referred accounts, money earned, etc) Yes.
Payment Plans -CPA: This program pays a variable CPA for each trader that opens a trading account and deposit funds. This payment depends on the number of referred traders.

-Revenue-Share: It pays 25% of the  earnings obtained by the broker UFX with the traders referred by the affiliate for life.

-Hybrid: It pays a combination of the previous two commissions systems .

Subaffiliate Program UFXAffiliates has a sub-affiliate program that pays 10% of the profits earned by referred affiliates (subaffiliates).
Payment Options
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Paypal.
Minimum payment $200.
Languages The website of this affiliate program is in english. However, it offer promotional material in other languages like German, Russian, Arabic and French.
Additional comments UFXAffiliates offers high commissions for each referred customer who opens an account with the broker UFX. Moreover, its biggest advantage is that it allows to promote a regulated Forex broker which increases the potential earnings that can be obtained by the affiliates.


Link to join UFXAffiliates


-Affiliate program UFXAffiliates

Affiliate program of UFX






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