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Affiliate Program Shareasale


Shareasale affiliate program

Shareasale is one of the most important companies for Internet advertising which specializes in the promotion by affiliates . This company promotes literally hundreds of companies of all kinds including a lot related with the financial markets, specially Forex. For a website like this dedicated to Forex and the market in general, Sharesale offers the possibility to earn money by promoting Forex brokers, Binary options brokers and other related companies. This offers a lot of opportunities for profit which added to the multiple marketing tools offered make Shareasale and excellent option to monetize blogs and websites.
Companies related to markets that promotes Shareasale are the following:
-Forex Brokers 

-Binary Options Brokers.

  • Tradetrends.
  • Forexmentor.
  • Topdogtrading.
  • Fortunesignal (trading signals).
  • A lot of products related with the financial markets such as trading courses.
Currently, the payment plans depends on the company promoted and can classified in 3 types:

  • Pay Per Sale: In this case Shareasale pays for each client that acquire the product or service offered by the promoted company. For example, in the case of Forex brokers it pays for each trader that open a trading account and deposit funds.
  • Pay Per Lead: This is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for an explicit sign-up from an interested customer interested in the advertiser offer. It does not requires a previous deposit of the client.
  • Pay Per Click: In this payment plan the company pays anytime one of its ads is clicked.
The subscription in Shareasale is completely free as the use of all marketing tools that it offers for the affiliates. This program offers a wide variety of advertising tools created to facilitate the promotion of the associated companies and the acquisition of new customers. In this case, the affiliate can use any Internet-based resource primarily, such as websites for example. The members can make use of any of these tools according to their best criterion and their needs, as long as they do not violate the program rules, such as those related to spam advertising for example.

Among the most interesting marketing resources we can mention the following:

  • Dozens of banners of various types (GIF, HTML and FLASH) and all sizes, which for the moment are offered only in English. These banners can be used in any section of the affiliate's website, so there are an excellent tool to promote the services of the associated companies.
  • Text links (which include certain keywords) that can be used in any section of the website of the affiliate. These links serves to redirect visitors to the advertiser´s website, so there are  a very useful resource of promotion.
  • Single links (these links do not include any text), that can be used as a resource to direct potential customers referred by the affiliate to the website of the promoted company.
  • Other resources such as custom links, widgets, coupons and deals, videos, merchants datafeeds and gift cards.

* Note: These advertising tools cannot be used for spam advertising (unsolicited electronic advertising), because this is prohibited by Shareasale and may result in account suspension or even the total loss of the affiliate´s commission. Shareasale also offers the additional advantage of offering its members the possibility to multiply their profits by recommending the program itself to other entrepreneurs interested in earning money through the promotion of different products and services. With this option, Shareasale allows its affiliates get up to $150 for every sale and $1.00 for each lead generated by their referrals through the promotion of the different advertisers associated with the program. In summary, Shareasale offers the following opportunities:

  1. Make money promoting the services of products of multiple companies such as Forex brokers and Binary Options brokers.
  2. Make money promoting the same program Shareasale.


Summary of the main features of Sharesale

Below are the most important features of the affiliate program Shareasale:

Year of establishment 2000
Promoted Broker
User Panel to control the account Yes.
Updated and comprehensive reporting of statistics (traffic, referred accounts, money earned, etc) Yes.
Payment plans
Pay Per Sale: The payment depends on the promoted company.
Pay Per Lead: The payment depends on the promoted company.
Pay Per Click: The payment depends on the promoted company.
Subaffiliate program Shareasale currently pays up to $150 for each sale and $1.00 for each lead generated the referred sub-affiliates.
Payment methods
  • Check via postal mail.
  • Check via FedEx ($20).
  • Check via international FedEx ($55).
Minimum Payment $50.
Languages The platform of Shareasale is in English and most of the promotional tools are in that language.
Additional comments This program offers a lot of opportunities to make money because it allows to promote multiple companies of all types, including Forex brokers and binary options brokers.


Link to join Shareasale


-Affiliate Program Shareasale

affiliate program Shareasale



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