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The Forex broker Forexclub International has an affiliate program in partnership with Shareasale, a company which is specialized in the sale of products and services of all kinds through the Internet. The objective of this program is to promote Forexclub services and acquire new customers through affiliates. To this end, the program offers a variety of promotional tools based on the Internet. Thanks to this and the high commissions offered for the affiliate, it is an excellent option to monetize websites and blogs which topics are directly related with financial markets and especially with Forex.


Currently, this program offers a commission system which is described below:

  • CPA: This commision system is a single fixed payment for each trader referred by the affiliate that open a trading account with Forexclub International and deposit funds. In this case, the CPA provided by this program is $300 for each referred customer.

The registration in this program is free as is the use of all promotional resources offered to its members. Furthermore, the member does not have to open a trading account to be accepted as in other programs in which the commissions are deposited directly into this account. As indicated at the beginning, this program has a wide variety of advertising tools which are based on the Internet and are designed to facilitate the promotion and the adquisition of new customers for Forexclub. Note that all of these tools can be used in various Internet-based media such as blogs and websites according to the needs and criteria of the members, provided they do not violate any of the rules of the program, especially those related directly with spam advertising.


The following are the main resources to promote this program offered to its affiliates:

  • Dozens of GIF banners which come in all sizes but for the moment are only offered in English. These banners can be used in any section of the affiliate´s website or affiliate, so there are an excellent tool to promote the services of the broker Forexclub International.
  • Text links (these links include certain keywords) which like the banners can be used in any section of a website. These links serves to redirect traffic to the website of Forexclub thus they constitute a useful promotional resource.
  • Promotional E-mails which the affiliates to promote Forexclub among their email contacts.

Note: This program does not allow the use of these resources for spam advertising practices (sending unsolicited and invasive advertising  through electronic means such as e-mail for example) under any circumstances. The member who incurs in such practices may suffer the closure of the account and the loss of the commissions earned.


One advantage of this affiliate program is that it offers the possibility to obtain additional income by promoting the same program to other entrepreneurs who are interested in making money promoting the services of a Forex broker as Forexclub International. Thus, through this sub-affiliate program, the members can get 10% of the monthly commissions generated for the referred affiliates by promoting this company.


In short, this affiliate program offers the following opportunities:

  • Make money promoting the services of the Forex broker Forexclub.
  • Earn money promoting the same affiliate program of Forexclub.

Summary of the general characteristics of the affiliate program of Forexclub

Below are the different features of this affiliate program:


Affiliate Program of Forexclub

Year of establishment


Promoted Broker

  • Forexclub International

User Panel to control the account


Updated and comprehensive reporting of statistics (traffic, referred accounts, money earned, etc)


Payment plans

-CPA: This program offers a CPA up to $300 for each referred trader that open an trading account and deposit funds.

Subaffiliate program

It has a sub-affiliate program that allows to earn an income equivalent to 10% of the monthly commissions earned by the referred affiliates  (sub-affiliates) vy promoting this broker.

Payment methods

  • Bank Wire Transfer.
  • Cheque.
  • Payoneer.

Minimum Payment



Both the website and the platform of this affiliate program are in English only. Also, for the moment this program only provides promotional material in English.

Aditional comments

Forexclub offers an affiliate program in partnership with Shareasale that allows members to earn income through the promotion of a regulated and consolidated  broker as Forexclub International.


Link to join the affiliate program of Forexclub

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