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Currently, the Forex market (Foreign Exchange or FX) is the biggest financial market in the world, even compared to the stock market and the Futures market. Also it is the most liquid market with a daily trading volume of about 4-5 trillion dollars. The Forex transactions involves the buying and selling of world currencies to earn money from the exchange rate differences. The Foreign Exchange market offers the possibility to obtain high profits but it also involves a high risk enviroment for novice traders. Through this site you can obtain technical education about this financial market and the main brokers to invest so the the trader can choose the company that best fits his requirements (Please consult the updated list of Forex brokers and the reviews of these companies)

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  • Japan Tankan Survey: What is the Tankan survey?

    It is an economic survey of Japanese business which is conducted by the Bank of Japan (BoJ), the country's central bank, which uses the results to formulate monetary …

  • Fibonacci pivot points:
    Summary: In this article we describe the use and calculation of Fibonacci Pivot Points, a little known variant compared with traditional pivot points. The novelty about this tool is that it in…
  • How can I learn to maximize profits and minimize my losses? :
    There are certain facts that have remained strong in recent years in connection with trading. Experienced and successful traders point out that, despite being able to develop trading strategies wit…
  • Why include gold in your portfolio?:
    Gold as an investment, is one of the most difficult to anticipate, predict and understand assets. As a commodity, its price can vary rapidly due to events over which no one has control. So why…
  • The case of the Forex broker 4XP: Much has been said about the broker 4XP (Forexplace) and what happened with this company and its customers. Certainly it is a clear example of the care that must be taken when choosing a bro…
  • Economic Keys to Year 2014: We started the year with a special report anticipating how 2014 will be for the world economy and financial markets. The Federal Reserve surprised everyone when it decided to cut its bond-buying …
  • Trading Psychology and Trading Patterns – when the usdjpy broke the 100 level: This article was written by John, a FX junkie who in his spare time runs the website where you can find in-depth reviews of retail Forex brokers.

    Charting the currency markets i…

  • The gambler’s fallacy in trading:
    Regarding the issue of probability, a lack of understanding can lead to incorrect assumptions and predictions about the occurrence of certain events. One of these incorrect assumptions is known as …
  • Financial markets at risk by political crisis in the U.S.: USA Paralized After Political Disputes

    U.S. is in a crisis that paralyzed the government in a process called "shutdown".


    President Barack Obama was meeting with congress…

  • Is it advisable to trade in the Forex Market during the opening of the main exchanges?: A question that has many traders specialized in the Forex market is whether to open a position when any of the major exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange opens its daily session.



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